Gotta start somewhere…

So here I go again…

I’ve never had much luck when it came to blogging….no, I was contented writing notes in Facebook, and each time one of my friends asked me why I didn’t have a blog of my own, I would just shrug and say things between me and blogging don’t work out that well. They never did. I must have had five blogs before this, but somehow I never completed a single post in any of them. Am such a woman of habit.

But this time I mean to break the mould. And to prove my point I will finish this post. At least leave it off at a place where it continues to make sense. With the hope that this one post will pave the way for more to come in the future.

Am already having doubts though. Its easy to talk about times to come when you’re in your own room, listening to Damien Rice while your Mom cooks dinner which smells heavenly (mercifully you don’t get to hear her complain about how you never seem to go out of your room when you’re home and make sure you block anything anybody else says by plugging those stupid earphones to your ears all the time). Its easy to make promises when you’re sitting with a high speed connection downloading music like its going out of fashion. But when when you’re back to no man’s land with nothing more than promises of the internet connection you’ve been denied of for a whole month (gasp!) you kind of get a different perspective at things, don’t you? So maybe I should just cross my fingers and hope this post isn’t the last one.

Come tomorrow I will be back to my university. And heaven knows when I’ll be able to check my mails, leave alone find the convenience to write something close to my heart and yet coming  from my mind. But maybe this time is different, I feel like saying. Maybe this will not end in oblivion after all.

With that silent wish….


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