Love’s dead: obituary of a “first” relationship

Love, between him and her, took its last breath a few sad sighs ago. It was a blink of an eye old.
The cause of death is still not identified, though a sudden attack of  jealousy at an insecure moment and the lack of proper attention at that time is suspected to drive love to its untimely demise.
Right from its birth, love was diagnosed with extreme possessiveness, and everybody around him and her forewarned them of the trying times ahead, but both of them were prepared (or so they thought) to take all the extra care that love needed to grow. And while all the rest shook their head and waited for the imminent (they all thought it was afterall just a matter of time), both of them forsake everything else and zealously guarded love close to their heart. They were in love with love.
But the disease did rear its ugly head from time to time, leaving love choking and gasping for the while it took him and her to realize that something was going terribly wrong, and reach out and cradle it back in their arms and keep it safe and warm. And all the time they didn’t realize that the demand for attention and the cry for help was just a symptom, not the ailment itself. In retrospect, maybe that was where they had gone wrong. But to their credit, not only did love grow out of this, but those “hurt attacks” became less frequent and less severe with time.
And for the first time, everybody else around them (the same people who had predicted a short life for love) started wondering if they were wrong. It was like they started seeing love in a new light, and it became an awe-inspiring example for everyone to follow. Love became a universal favorite, and there couldn’t have been two prouder people than him and her. They’d beaten the odds, proved everybody wrong, and managed to keep love innocent and away from all the harsh realities of the outside world. Love was sheer happiness. Everything was picture perfect.
But maybe complacency was what eventually led love to breathe its last. It started pretty casually. One day both he and she realized that all this while they had just been thinking of love and never about themselves, and taking it for granted that love was old enough to take care of itself they decided to start leading life the way they thought they’d wanted to. Sadly though, they had centered their life around love so much that they didn’t even know life beyond love. And sadder still, without their realizing it,  love was suffering from this neglect. Fed on a constant diet of nothing but persistent pampering and undivided attention all its life, it didn’t know how to fend for itself this once. For the first time, it came to terms with concepts like practicality and reasoning…things it had never known existed. And love was at a loss. Neither he, nor she, was around to hold love by its hand and lead its way through.
Not knowing what else to do, love cried out for help to him and her. But what could they do? This time it was not possessiveness, but indifference that had love in its clutches. They didn’t know the cure to this malady…They did try, though. Not that they didn’t. But by then the disease had spread to the roots. And it was slowly killing love from inside. Things could still have taken a turn for the better, had it not been for that one moment when jealousy attacked love when neither he nor she expected it. Nobody knows why and how it happened, but at that moment, love died.
For all of us who knew love, it was everything that was fresh and pure, clean and green. It was all about the sun and smiles. About the rain and the smell of earth. About squishy chocolate melting in the tip of your fingers and making a mess of your hands. It was quirky and funny and admittedly crazy at times but then, the only thing that made any sense at all other times. It had made us laugh till our stomach hurt, and cry out in the physical pain that made us sick to our guts. But man, love was everything that was oh-so-alive.
May the soul of love rest in eternal peace. And may all of us who’ve been touched by love forever remember it.

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