A bug’s paradise…!

Posted on Facebook on Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 7:26pm


Gerald Durell (who, incidentally happens to be the author of my all time favourite book “My Family and Other Animals”) may have called them his “little brown jobs” and “small uglies”, but its one thing to read about them in a sort of disconnected way, and quite another to have to share bed space with hundreds of them!

Come evening and this place comes alive (no, am not talking about the students who come out in throngs after a nice afternoon siesta) with what seems to me a million varieties of bugs all around any place there’s a light; starting from the teeny-weeny 60-watt bulbs in our hostel rooms to the huge floodlights in the football field…and each time I see them I wish I were a lizard so I could at least have a hundred square meals inside me in a matter of minutes (all I would have had to do was to find a nice spot and stick my tongue out…nothing else) Unfortunately though, am not, and that places me in the disadvantageous position of having to fight them off me wherever I go..

Its almost like that Beatles song Eleanor Rigby…”All the lonely people, where do they all come from..” except that here I find myself asking “All the ugly green bugs, where do they all come from…” Every evening is a silent war between me and the darling room-mate (you will never ever hear us acknowledging this out in the open, but am letting you into the secret) as to who gets to switch off her light…and switch on the other so that all the bugs are concentrated on one bed, one table and basically on just one person ( and its only last night that we finally find the solution – turn off both and switch on the one yellow light which is right in the center of the room. Compromise, you see.)

Imagine coming back from dinner with a song basically swelling up inside you so much that you can’t wait to exercise your vocal chords and belt it out, and a bug (of all things) chooses that appropriate moment to explore the insides of your mouth…. On second thoughts, don’t imagine. Its too gross.

I wonder if ever there would be a solution for this…maybe the Environmental Science people would someday come up with a way to make this place a bug-free zone. Maybe someday I’ll get to sleep without having to fish out a bug from under me every other minute. Or maybe someday I’ll actually take up a microscope and start studying their social life (which must be hectic, look at their strength in numbers!) and find interesting stuff there. Fat chance, but I am optimistic.

P.S.: Even as I write this, there’s a bug fixed to the screen with a transfixed look (that’s what it seemed to me anyway) and I’m sure its reading every bit of this…..hope my message carries through to the million others as well.


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