Contradictions….and how!

Posted on Monday, September 22, 2008 at 8:10pm

Picture this..

A drizzly morning..not rainy enough to qualify as rainy, but not quite dry (which means you need to drag that wretched umbrella out of the recess of your bag)…a seven-minute walk to a class which started ten minutes irritated friend who does not think it worth enough to walk fast (and also to wake up early for class)..grains of sand sticking to your toes through the gaps of your sandal and your freshly washed jeans wet and clinging on to your ankles.. you stop long enough to try and fold them but realise that the effort of making sure your bag doesn’t slip off your shoulder while you bend takes much more time than the actual folding of the jeans and so you move on. You reach class late (that was obvious) and it takes an entire day for the dirt stuck to your jeans, and that scowl stuck to your face, to wipe off. You end up cursing the rain, cursing your a little-too-long jeans and cursing basically every little thing that has placed you in this situation…

And picture this…

Its almost midnight and you’re trying hard not to drop asleep right on top of your notes while your room-mate literally snores her way to glory…its stuffy hot since evening and you nursing a bad headche (which, amazingly always starts when you sit with your notes in front of you) and you searching hard for some reason not to just switch off the light and end all misery. And then, all of a sudden you see a flash of light and the familiar rumblings of an angry sky (somehow sounding like a loving Dad trying to be angrier than he really is, just so you sit up and take notice) and then…sweet music…its raining. You close your book (finally having found a reason to do so) and you go outside to the verandah…and what awaits you is a scence which for a while takes your breath away…and then makes you take deep gulps at one go… You see a mere street-light being transformed into something mysteriously beautiful..the fileds you see everyday seem to be alive and breathing for a change..its like everything’s alive now..and they’re exchanging salutations. And you’re a part of it so they welcome you too…you hear them speak to you..You close your eyes and you feel droplets clinging on to your face and somehow, of its own, there’s a smile on playing on your lips..

We do judge things a little too soon, don’t we??


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