Oh Guwahati!

Posted in Facebook on Monday, October 6, 2008 at 9:01pm

Its eight-thirty in the evening and my legs are cramped from sitting in the car for six hours straight (that’s the time it took us to reach Guwahati from Tezpur!) and the first thing I notice is the dust and smoke, and the noise….the traffic jam and the irritation of harassed drivers which is as much a part of the season as the blessed Pooja. And yet, I’m happy….cause I feel I’m home. Granted, this city may not have given me birth, and I may not have been brought up on its air and water, but this has given me the best three years of my life….and has squeezed, stretched and at times lovingly moulded me into who I am today…

Alright, before I get carried away, I am brought back to reality when I realise that we’re stuck up in the same place for twenty long minutes, with local expletives now added to the contiuous horns (fat help that is), and it takes much more than nostalgia to love THAT.

Cut to next morning, when a sunny sky gradually takes on various shades of grey, and before you know it, its raining like there’s no tomorrow. Observations, speculations and predictions are made (“This will continue till afternoon, I tell you”, “Zoo Tiniali must be totally under water by now”, “What the heck, this road is never flooded..but today even this is!!!!”) and the father is “tenser” by the minute trying to find a way to reach the airport on time. Rubber boats not being a very practical option (nobody has had the sense to invest in one till date) the taxi is called and the journey started. And in five minutes, I understand what exactly chaos means. Chaos is when roads resemble rivers, when cars look like giant animals heaving and grunting their way through that river, and when street urchins have the brightest smiles on their face as they inform you that the road (?) ahead is even worse and the car’s definitely going to get stuck and surely you would want them to help you push the car, right? And the grand finale, when you realise that your legs are ankle deep in water and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

And I would still say I’m happy to be home. Its good to catch up on how much has changed since last time (and let me tell you, at the rate Guwahati is growing…. a lot!) just like its good to know that certain things never will change. Its good to see that people have learnt to love this new trendy Guwahati, which also means patiently tolerating the inconviniences that preceded these changes (road-repairs, new flyovers and the impossible traffic jams that came along during their construction) Its amazing that inspite of this makeover, the people are still the same. They still have time to catch up on what’s happening in the other’s life (not to mention that slight inclination towards snooping)….and are still concerned. Money may have become much more important that what it used to be, but its still not everything out here. Life, is still how its meant to be.

And I mean to enjoy it to the fullest while I’m here. Which reminds me there’s more to life than sitting in front of the PC and typing out long notes. So off I go……


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