A relationship status called “In Love”

Posted in Facebook on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 7:52pm

Even as you read this, millions of people in some corner of the world or other are signing up into any one of those just about miilion immensely popular social network sites…sixteen year old boys are signing up as thirty-something single girls…forty year old Uncles are signing up as “tall-dark-handsome” twenty-somethings… Its all a rigmarole of lies, loneliness, fun (a lot of that, actually)…and very rarely, the truth. But this is not about social network sites….its about the tiny footnote that comes in the form of that field called “Relationship Status” and the options given under that as “Single”, “Committed”, “Married”. I can almost imagine a certain sect of people choosing the first option without a second thought….cause a single status ensures the most number of visitors to your profile, specially if you are good looking and even if you are not! Then there’s another class of people who are so besotted that all they do is give a shy smile and choose the second option…..putting their lovers at ease each time they do so. Then of course, there are the happily married sorts (who somehow end up being boring versions of their earlier selves..at least that’s how I see it).

But what I want to talk about is a fourth sort…the sort who wait with their fingers poised….the sort who are in love, but are not in a relationship. Might be any reason why they are not….the saddest being unrequited love. Or maybe they were in a relationship which could not work out…whatever may have been the reason. But does it mean that they are single? In a world where being single naturally translates to being ready to mingle? Why can’t it be that a person is so much in love that he/she does not have any place in their hearts for any sort of an intimate relationship…and is not even looking for love anywhere? Why is a “single” person thought of almost as a public property…as something to be hit on? And most importantly, why does every relationship need a tag?

Been pondering for quite some time over this….just like each Valentine’s Day brings in a fresh bout of depression among all those who are not in a relationship (and are in a way desperate, for that day at least!)…I feel each time somebody has to go through this signing up process, it does bring in new questions and confusions…and regrets. Must not we do something about it?


2 thoughts on “A relationship status called “In Love”

  1. Devyashree Dutta says:

    hii..Sankhya ba…this is actually the first time i have gone through your blog..n maybe ur post on rajneeti in facebook made me do so…n i am actually enjoying your writings…every blog post inspires me to go to the next one…n this one especially..i loved it..somehow i felt it in a reflection of my own thoughts…


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