And here’s one for the nose….again!

Posted in Facebook on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 at 12:45pm

Now, anybody who’s ever been close to me will know or rather “smell” the fact that I am a sucker for good smells….and they, if I may quote Wodehouse here, may “let their attention wander for a few moments” while I go on about these awesome perfumes I’ve come across in the past few months. As I have already mentioned just about a hundred times to anybody who’s known me for so much as five minutes, its my dream to have a decent collection of them ridiculously expensive darlings and have a veritable feast for the olfactory senses right on top of my dressing table. And its with immense pride that I hereby declare that I have taken baby steps to fulfilling that dream of mine….

Really, am no perfume connoisseur…. I mean, I can’t say what is the first note of a perfume, except that maybe it’s the first whiff that hits your nose the moment you spray the perfume. I don’t know what are the base notes or whatever they are called…..the fragrance that lingers on hours after that first hint. Maybe there’s also something called a second note….the scent that you get just after the first note…. I don’t know. (Must have read about it long time back in a fashion magazine, but its totally slipped out of my mind now.) And guess what, I don’t care. I believe the technicality totally ruins the essence of the miracle called perfumes. I really don’t like perfumes being evaluated and then rated as good or bad or “totally un-smell-able”. Because to me, a perfume is so much more than just some spirit you spray on to smell good, or a mere product you analyze and then market based on that evaluation and then earn big bucks from.

To me, each perfume paints a picture…it really does. And to me, each person comes with a perfume, or the memory of one, attached to him or her. But I have already talked about “other people” smells haven’t I? So I won’t go into that. Instead I have to come to the point which I should have come to in the first place without rambling on and on about everything else.

Souls and Senses.

An awesome, awesome perfume from Mont Blanc….technically has “floral as well as fruity” notes….and is suited for both day wear and evening wear… but to me, it’s the perfect picture of everything clean and fresh and good. It smells to me exactly of Sunday mornings when I was still in school…. it reminds me of the fresh feeling I would have after a lingering luxurious bath and a nice shampoo after an interval of a week… and strangely it reminds me of the way the sun felt on my face as I would look up with my hair sopping wet and water trickling down my neck and my face…..and the way my hair would keep smelling all day long…and yes, also my pillow, when I wake up the next morning. It brings to my mind every happy feeling I had at that point of time….about how happiness depended on so simple things. Sigh! Kudos to Mont Blanc for being able to trap that into a bottle (very nice one, too….another reason for my loving it)

And while I’m at it, how can I forget “Love Her Madly”? Now this perfume from Revlon happens to be my personal favorite, has been for a couple of years now. And that’s because its everything that I want me to be. The dominant notes are roses and lilacs, and honestly, the combination is so very feminine the only thing that will come to your mind when you smell it is the colour pink. To me, it brings to my mind an image of a beautiful single girl on the verge of womanhood, not yet touched by the cares of handling a family….not yet so bogged down by responsibilities that she doesn’t have time to take care of herself. Somebody, maybe, who’d get her manicures and pedicures done regularly without fail….would never have a single hair out of place….and who would be elegant without consciously trying to be. And yes, somebody oh so beautiful you can’t get enough of her… Well, that’s exactly what “Love Her Madly” paints for me. And yes, the fact that it does come in a pale pink hue just pledges my love for it.

And lastly, my precious, my love at first sniff….”Ravish”, a perfume from Ajmal. But some background to it first. Rewind back two and a half years when the place called “Cube” was inaugurated in Guwahati and the first time I go there I see this awesome perfume shop inside and I feel like I’ve reached my paradise except that I never had the courage to go inside. But end of the last year fate finally takes me there and gives me one chance to sniff to my heart’s content. It must be no surprise that it took me almost an hour before I could make my choice, and when I finally came out holding that perfume in my hands (close to my heart) I seriously felt that life really couldn’t have anything more beautiful to offer to me. “Ravish” brings to my mind an oriental party….a thick carpeted floor, maybe with a warm red rug thrown over it as well…and the low hum of greetings and people exchanging pleasantries…and the next thing that does come to my mind is a “pro-pah” lady in the midst, somewhere in her fifties…somebody who’s grown old with grace, whose eyes, with laughter lines around them, tell you just how beautiful she must have been when she was young. A lady with pearls on her ears and her neck, clutching a silk purse….her hair done up in an elegant bun and a silk shawl draped on her shoulders….you know, silk and pearls and all things “classic” you can ever imagine, that’s the picture I see each time I wear Ravish.

Call me over-imaginative, but I feel for all those who can’t see a picture with their nose (of all things) like I do. And just to spare those people from further misery, I stop here before I go overboard.


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