Another high high!

Posted in Facebook on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 12:57pm

Bliss is…going to an exam totally detached (because you are past the stage of being the bundle of nerves you were the day before) and then finding that the easiest problem has been assigned to you…and wonder of all sweet wonders, you manage to solve it at one go, and correctly too. Especially when you so knew you suck at it and would never be able to get the hang of it ever.

Bliss is….having a brother who stays right in the campus so that when you come back from that very exam of yours and realize you’ve locked yourself out of your hostel room, you need all of ten minutes to figure out you can always spend the time there till your room mate arrives with her key. Bliss is being able to tell out loud the moment you arrive there (without having to think twice about it) that you are very, very hungry and could do with like, lots and lots of food, please?

Bliss is a sunny room with windows open and curtains fluttering in a cool breeze which feels just right on your cheeks… a huge bed in that room with soft pillows and warm sunlight strewn all over it….and then having the maid bring over crisp buttered toast, egg poach with just the right amount of salt, and a huge mug of extra sweet coffee, without you having to lift a finger…..and after a while reaching that sweet state of semi-consciousness when the sun makes you feel sleepy (after all that food, too!) and a little stupid……and then surrendering to sleep (and no, you don’t worry about the viva for that exam to be held later that very afternoon).

Bliss is spending an entire afternoon in a small bamboo outhouse (or maybe just a room?) on stilts meant to be a substitute for a tree-house for the four year old nephew of yours, only that it has got everything you want….a soft rug and pillows (since off late sleep has been something like your top priority, exams may go to hell for all you care) and also a plug point for your laptop, so that you can pretend to study for as long as you want while secretly watching “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” without Bhabhi being any the wiser.

Bliss is having a classmate and a buddy who’s like the sole reason you stop from giving up on everything each time you feel like doing something that crazy….and being able to sit with him and study mathematics sitting under a streetlight, though, of course with a laptop (gotcha, didn’t I?) and realize that what you’ve been leaving aside as too difficult just needs a little more concentration that you feel it deserves, and that everything seems easy and possible whenever he’s the one who says it is so.

Bliss is realizing that you may not be very good in what you’re doing and may not at all be passionate about it, but at least you’re ready to fight this time….and then figuring out exactly where all the problems lie…that there are so many other things you would love to be doing that you feel you’re wasting your time trying to be good at something you don’t even like… Bliss is having a Mom who understands you so much that even though you give her a call just for the sake of sharing your dreams with her after ages, she puts your exact thoughts in words, in a better way than you could have put them yourself. And bliss is knowing that she thinks you are right….that you should go ahead with your dreams…and finally being able to do what you’ve been wanting to do for so long…prove it to yourself that you can work at being happy while doing something that would make everyone other than you happy.

And finally, bliss is listening to awesome music with your fingers tapping out all of your thoughts into the laptop, and knowing that even though tomorrow may not work out as fine as today did, and that you may even wake up the day after wishing you were dead, it’s all going to be okay, after all. And that there are going to be days again when you would feel so good about everything that you wouldn’t be able to keep it inside you for long and blurt it all out…just like I did just now.


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