The way to my heart…..

Posted in Facebook on Friday, September 26, 2008 at 8:37pm
Who says that the way to only a man’s heart is through his stomach? Right now, anybody coming in front of me with a platter of fried pork, or maybe steaming pork momos..or even hot crisp-fried Maggi, would be sure to make me fall on my knees in front of him and make me his slave for eternity. And yes, am not exaggerating. Crazy though it may sound, that’s exactly how I feel…as anybody who’s not had good food since the last blue moon would understand.

Have always been a foodie (does not necessarily translate to having great helpings of anything and everything)…a sucker for good smells and tastes AND good presentation. Blessed with an angel of a Mom who spoilt us rotten with varied tastes since childhood, so much that our tiffins used to be topics of discussion in school (and the reason for the many times I spent the torturous half an hour of class before tiffin break dreamily gazing at the teacher waiting for the bell to ring)… who was (and still is) always ready to come up to our expecatations,and more, and also had this uncanny ability of surprising us with rare treats from time to time, it’s really impossible to live in a place where the very solace for everybody is routine (“Thank God for Wednesdays and Sundays…we get to have chicken!!!”). There have been so many days when I say sorry to my Mom for each time I threw a tantrum in the dining table because my egg was not done in the right way. Give me a little-too-fried eggs or a little-less-done ones any time now.

Coming back to good food….I can understand everybody who turn to it for comfort when nothing else works..for me there’s nothing better than an extra-sweet (and extra-large) slice of a black-forest to lift up your spirits (which is maybe one of the reason I remain perpetually depressed out here…you don’t get anything remotely resembling a black-forest out here). Sometimes I wonder if the habit of mine of munching on something whenever I read a book has turned the way round…maybe nowadays I read a book because that’s the best time to have tit-bits that you wouldn’t normally have.

Will stop now…its getting late and I need to get back for dinner (which is much, much more depressing than hunger itslef). Maybe someday I’ll no longer need to wait for months before I can even smell a pork momo..or to have a hot chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce…or times when I can have Maggi at any goddamn hour of the day (and night)…till then, I wait…for that angel in human form to rescue me.


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