L’idee nouvelle d’aujourd’hui

…which translates to: The new idea for today: putting up playlists (and reviews) in my blog.

It’s taken me some time, but I have finally got some idea as to how music, or any song in particular, works for me. And it all started when I was listening to some Ben Harper just day before yesterday, and wanted to share it with a friend, who in turn wanted me to put up a playlist for him with all of my “picks”. It was only after I put in some thirty odd songs in his i-Pod and he told me later that he really liked it that I realized I could actually do this for myself. I know, I know this is like the dumbest thing anyone can have said, but you see, my choice of music is just so chaotic and whimsical, that I can’t really categorize it into anything, not even a playlist with similar songs put into them. And so this whole new idea about putting up playlists in my blog.

Alright, it’s not that simple also. I’ll tell you how it works for me. I listen to a song, often something that I consciously choose from the depths of that endless pit I call my Music folder, and sometimes something that a friend had suggested (suggestions are mostly for Bollywood Hindi numbers); I like it, I listen to it on repeat for like a week, and then I forget about it… until some other time it just happens to get played randomly, and then I’m all like “Hey, I love this song….!”. Sometimes, I can’t remember why I had fallen in love with that song so much. Oh hang on, that isn’t what I meant. What I mean is, I would like to enjoy a song, always, just the way I did the first time, and most of the times, because the times have changed, and more importantly, my mood has changed, it isn’t the case. And hence this putting it down out here. So I can keep track of all of it, you know. And I will call them “Chansons Nouveau” (because I am feeling particularly affectionate towards French tonight).

Also, since I do this whole music review thing for Fried Eye, I thought it would be nice to put in something of my own in my blog too. And the best part is I really don’t have to worry if people are going to like it or not 🙂 This, in all honesty, is not for anyone’s benefit but mine.

So, for the start, just as a good omen, I am going to put in the name of the songs that I have been listening to a lot in the last couple of days. Tomorrow. Promise.


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