Chansons Nouveau: Take I

I am a good girl who keeps her promises so here I am with my first playlist of the month. And I have just the right ambiance… have put on some nice music (latest discovery, Newton Faulkner, but more on that later), it’s just the right weather for wasting time on uselessness, and I have too much free time on my hands, inspite of the fact that I have an exam on Monday. Anyways, so here goes nothing:

The Cave (Mumford and Sons): This, I am happy to say, is one of those few songs which have lasted on my “The Mood Right Now” playlist in my i-Pod for more than a month now, and is also my ringtone, which is saying quite a lot, if you know me. I discovered this song while digging for hidden treasures in the endless pit I call my Music folder, and it caught my attention with its very first notes; absolutely love the way it starts. Also, it is one of those unusual songs which kind of stand out, and it justs get better with each listen. I don’t really know what the lyrics imply but I make an exception this time just for this song. Have been humming this one ad nauseum (bless my room mate) for quite some time now. All it takes is a phone call anyway, and I get started again. For the umpteenth time.

That’s Not My Name (The Ting Tings): Heard this one the same day I discovered The Cave; in fact they were both in the same folder, and it was just a matter of luck that I happened to be patient enough to keep listening to it for a little while, because that’s when the good bit starts. I like the harmonizations in this one, and the beat, although there’s not much of a melody. The lyrics, again, is nothing much to write about, but well, the song in general kind of appeals to me. It is also not one of those songs you can sing in the shower, because it would sound kind of like you’re shouting out slogans, but the beats are really really good. Oh, and I think I should add that this is kind of a chick-song. And I love it because I also loved Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl.

Sajde (Khatti Meethi): This is one of those recommended songs I mentioned in my last post, and I love it to bits. And all thanks goes to AB for making me listen to this one. I remember we were walking together when we suddenly wanted some music, and so she shuffled through the music in her phone till she got this one. And by the time I reached my hostel, I was already in love with that song. Honestly speaking, I don’t quite pay attention to the way the song starts, which is unusual for me, but I like the verse: “Sajde kiye hain lakho, Lakho duwayein maangi, Paya hain maine phir tujhe“… Each time I listen to this I wish someone would consider me that precious; the answer to all his prayers. The lyrics is really sweet, albeit a little over the top, but I like the way those tiny little effects in the background sum up to give this song a beautiful touch. I love mush, so I love this song. Simple.

Kaisi Hain Yeh Udaasi (Karthik Calling Karthik): For this one I thank Stuti Goswami, who had mentioned this in her Facebook status update. Although it should have come with a warning: “Not suitable for people whose moods are sensitized to the music they listen to”. This song reminded me of all the painful heartbreaks I had gone through (minutely, too), oh but isn’t pain beautiful at times….. I lay awake almost half a night listening to this one on repeat. It is slow, somber, and sad… and the lyrics is the best part about the song. Kailash Kher, as usual tugs and pulls at your heart strings till you think they are going to snap and break. True story.

Runaway (Pink): I have a feeling there is always going to be one Pink song or the other in each of these playlists. Although this one is from a somewhat old Pink album called “I’m Not Dead” I got it fairly recently, and needless to say, I liked the whole of it, but somehow this one stood out because of the way it starts, again, and also because of the way the song managed to surprise me with its strong chorus, specially since the song starts real soft. The lyrics is good enough not to be the sole reason I disregard the song. On the whole, something I find myself listening to from time to time. Not a “on repeat” song though.

For the following songs I have to thank BIL, (R’s younger brother) who is an angel to keep sending me songs he likes from time to time in my mail. Had it not been for him, I wouldn’t have discovered the next songs, which have now become my staple aural diet.

Khushnuma Sa Woh Mausam (Knockout): Don’t ask me anything about the movie, or who stars in it, and how big a hit or flop it was. I don’t know. What I do know is that this song made me sigh and sigh the first time I heard it. Krishna (the singer, duh) has a really nice way of making room for himself in your heart with his voice, let me tell you that. Although the song gets a little unpredictable sometime in the between, and flows in some direction you might not have wanted it to go, it is good enough. To stay in my list for at least another week, I think.

Tu Hain Rab Mera (Jugaad): Ditto for this song when it comes to which movie it is from and all, but well it is Krishna again weaving magic in this one. It has a distinctly classical taste to it, and although the beat has got a modern folk-like twist. Also, the lyrics is in Punjabi, so for me it has that slightly mysterious tinge to it (which leaves me wondering what it means) but I love it all the more for it. The last Punjabi songs I had loved were “Main Tenu Samjhawa” from Virsa, and at the same time Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s evergreen “Ankhiyan Udeek Diya“. So call it love by association of language, but I am still in love with this song; specially the bit where it goes “Mere ishq da maan ta rakheya kar“. Although it is love that is so strong and potent it makes me feel a million things at the same time, and sparks like this I know wear out a little too soon. For now though, it stays right where it is in this list.

Phir Wahi Raastey (Ramchand Pakistani): This is what I call, saving the best for the last. When BIL sent me this song, I didn’t know which movie it was from, so when I googled the lyrics, I found this amazing post about the movie and the song, and honestly speaking, this only made me appreciate this song more than I already did. This is one of those blue songs which are not really sad, you know, but make you want to delve into their depths. And I don’t think anyone would have sung this better than Shafqat Amanat Ali, with his velvety voice that just seems to caress your ears. The lyrics is pretty good, and the somber guitar along with it is a match made in acoustic heaven.

That about sums it for this time… But oh, before I forget, I was listening to this one song on repeat for the major part of the evening today, so it would be unfair if I don’t put it here, although I would ask you not to find any implications of it. It’s “I Want To Have Your Babies” by Natasha Bedingfield. Call it the “Baby On Board” (stupid movie, by the way) hangover, but I have been going “Uh uh uh uh uh” (the bit I like the most in this song). Love her voice, seriously. And the lyrics does ring so true.

Ciao for now. Will get back to my Newton Faulkner. Awesome, awesome songs.


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