Chansons Nouveau: Take III

First things first, I have been sick (this is where you are supposed to go “Sooooo sad…!”) and down for the whole of last week. And busy as hell the week before that doing stuff I really can’t remember at this point of time. And sometime between being feverish and weak with a high blood pressure and giving stage performances (oh yeah!), I still managed to listen to some really catchy stuff. Inspite of the HUGE volume of new music I have listened to in the past two weeks, somehow the only songs that come to my mind right now are the ones I have heard (on repeat, ad nauseum) in the last four days.

And just in case you’re interested, this time I went through a whole “hunting” phase, where I made it a point to only listen to stuff I would never listen to before. Which meant a lot of “different” and lesser-known-to-me music, like School Of Seven Bells, Spoon, Charlotte Gainsbourg and The Magnetic Fields. I also threw in a bit of MGMT and Mumford and Sons, which settled* tad better. That phase didn’t last that long, though, and I was back to the more conventional Billboard Hits in a week. So well, here’s my pick from the mid-year Billboard Top 100.

Your Love (Nicki Minaj): Believe me when I say I haven’t felt this mushy in a long, long time. Which is weird because the lyrics of this song isn’t really all profound and moving, and most of the time it is the lyrics which does the trick for me. If anything the song goes “And for your lovin’ Imma Die Hard like Bruce Willis ” (I mean, seriously?). But I remember trying to go off to sleep late at night after a crappy day and a frustrating conversation with the guy in Vietnam (High Speed Internet Access, you suck!) and then playing this song and going all “Awww… but don’t I just luuuurve him?”. Maybe what I loved about the song is how simple it is, and how it made me feel like a teenager when it was all about the “Ooh ooh aah aah sexy eyes”. Beware though, this song is overtly sweet, and could leave you thinking of pink candy-floss or bejeweled pink shiny jackets.

Glitter In The Air (Pink): Told you hadn’t I? That I am a Pink devotee? I wonder how I had missed this song, considering the fact that I’ve had the album Funhouse in my system for more than half a year now. But anyways, given my weakness for Pink, this was one of the first songs in the compilation I had heard, and now I am hooked to it. I only wish I could sing it the way she does, because any other way would be doing injustice to the song. My favorite bit in the song: “There you are, sitting in the garden, Clutching my coffee, calling me sugar“. Man, you can almost hear her soul pouring out. I die for the piano chords in this one, and will stop doing whatever I am doing, when this one starts playing. Makes sense actually; this is not one of those songs you can let play in the background while you go about doing something else. Oh, and while I mention Pink, I have also been listening to her latest single “Raise Your Glass” quite a lot. Spicy lyrics, perky beats. Need I say more?

Up, Up and Away (Kid Cudi): This is my latest “happy” song and I swear by it. It’s simply so buoyant you can’t help feeling light after you listen to it, and I guess I spend an average of thirty minutes per day listening to this one (given the amount of depression I have been going through the dosage of happy music is proportionately larger). The amazing thing is I don’t get bored of the song, at all! I can’t sing along to this one, alright (rap has never been my thing) but I sure do the whole groovin’ and the pouting (yeah, I am weird like that) when I put this on. This is the one if you want your soul to be lifted “Up, up and away” and soaring high for a long time!

Pray For You (Jaron And The Long Road To Love): Okay, I’ll confess something today. When listening to new music, I am more likely to listen to songs AND artists whose names I like (I try stay away from the long names ‘feat’ some more long names) and it surprisingly works for me. And while going through this method of picking and choosing, this one came up randomly on my playlist. It hasn’t got a very impressive intro, and would lead you to believe that it is yet another of those lame boring songs, but if you have a little bit of patience (like I have) and keep listening (like I did) you are in for a treat. The lyrics. Oh. Man. It made me smile like nothing else could. I even posted it to my Facebook profile. I mean, read it for yourself here. I seriously couldn’t think of anything more brilliant in a long time. Melody wise the song is not that exceptional, so I don’t really listen to it unless I am grumpy, but well, given how often I have been grumpy these days, this has been quite the savior!

If I Die Young (The Band Perry): This one will tug and pull at your heart strings and make you want to sing it again and again. Death is not a very happy thing to think about, and singing about death just makes it sadder, but somehow, this one doesn’t make you sad. It is just very profound that’s all. So while Just Jack‘s “The Day I Died” made me all sad and heavy in the heart, “If I Die Young” just made me philosophical. It almost makes me think of a young woman with curly disheveled hair wearing a baggy red sweater, who’s sitting by her window on a gloomy winter with a mug of coffee cupped in her hands (and it’s not me I see, if you must know… just blame my oversensitive overactive imagination), who’s thinking of life, but that beyond death. Sigh!

Teenage Dream (Katy Perry): This one’s all about the mm-chk mm-chk that’s typical Katy Perry but I love it to bits. Or maybe that’s why I love it so much. I am not normally a fan of techno, but just like Hot N’ Cold, this one stuck with me, and I can’t get enough. I guess sometimes I just love being a girl and being able to love chicky-chick songs like this one! I would keep humming this all day long, so much that my Mom must have started raising her eyebrows about the “Let’s go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love” bit, and wondering if that’s what is on her daughter’s mind after all! Lyrics, again, is pretty simple and easy-going, but that makes it easier to relate to I guess. Dang, why do I need to justify me loving it? I just do!

I guess this should do for today, or I run the risk of writing about everything at one go and exhausting myself yet again. Will come up with the pick of the week next time, although I have a feeling these songs are here to stay!

* by “settled” I mean the songs made me crave for them at odd hours, and I found them playing inside my head even when I was trying to sleep. I know I don’t love a song until and unless this happens!


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