Talk about idiosyncratic…!

Weird has its own way of creeping into my life, I tell you. I know everyone has some bit of weird in them, but I take pride in the fact that I have a couple of “unique” oddities. Note the quotes though. Just the other day me and DeD were talking about how we all think we have unique idiosyncrasies but in reality if only we talked about them more often maybe it would turn out they are not that “unique” after all. Now I’m sure not many people would be coaxed into talking about how weird they are; not when all of us crave for normalcy more than anything. But here goes my list of idiosyncrasies anyway. Because I am weird like that when it comes to things like this.

Researched Ringtones: How much time do you need to choose a ringtone? You open the gallery in your phone, skim through the list of available ringtones or the songs you’ve put in your phone, and you pick one that sounds the best at that moment, don’t you? And well, that takes like, five minutes, doesn’t it? Not for me. When it comes to ringtones, I am at my finicky worst. Firstly, it should have a loud, catchy intro (for obvious reasons, because else I wouldn’t be woken up from sleep when a call comes). Secondly, it should reflect my mood at that moment. For the record, right now my ringtone is “Love Like Woe” by The Ready Set. It took me like ten minutes of browsing through my favorite songs. Possibilities included “My Girl” by Mindless Behavior but it starts with spoken words (“Dang! We text each other a lot“) and “Get Gone” by Bei Maejor feat Kid Ink, but even that got rejected for the same spoken word start. And yes, the mood is so hip-hop right now. So far so good. But what really gets me is when I have to choose ringtones for specific people. Even there, firstly, if its a guy calling me up I don’t want a girl crooning to me in the ringtone, because then I would have weird images of him singing those words (shudder shudder!). The upbeat start applies here too, of course. So while for Mom and Dad I have “Section 09” (Reach for the sun) by The Polyphonic Spree (because of course, that’s what they keep telling me), for the sister and Jiju I have the F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme “I’ll Be There For You” because well, they remind me of that show all the time. Plus, I like the feel of having my sister being there for me always. For DeD, my company for all the life-saving lunches and coffees and long walks, I have Lazlo Bane’s “Superman”, and it is because it was the first song we had listened to together, and loved together. It takes me forever to choose one for R, though. Since he is the person who calls me the most, it means the tone I set for him is the one I get to listen to the most. For him it was a whole series though, starting from Michael Buble’s “Home” (it is *so* him, I tell you!) to “Carousel” from P.S I Love You (this one was in a female voice, so I changed it after a while even though I love the way the song starts) to “All My Loving” by The Beatles (this one made me go all mushy when I would hear it) and right now it is the soundtrack to the latest Airtel ad (alright, I AM obsessed with it, okay?). And then, for the group of my girl-friends from campus who make living here a breeze for me, I have the Glee Cast’s version of “Smile”. Now you know what I mean by personalized and researched ringtones….!

Starchy SMS-es: You know how they coined a whole phrase “SMS language” because of the way people use shortcuts and wrong spellings to type out a text message? Nada. Not applicable for me. I must be the most loyal fan of Microsoft Word, really. So much that even when sending texts from my phone, I insist on proper spellings (“you” never becomes “u”, even if it means extending the message to a two-pager!) AND a space after the full-stop in each sentence. Oh, that doesn’t mean I am sms-illiterate. Send me your shortest, most ambiguous texts, and I will still make sense out of it, don’t worry. But don’t expect me to stop being prim and pro-pah about my texts!!

Scrutinized Scripts: And by scripts, I mean movie-scripts. Now this, so far, is something that I have not heard anyone else do. At least among people I know. The availability of movie scripts on the blessed internet must mean there are others like me who read them, right? But for all intents and purposes, I am the only one among all the people I know who read movie scripts for the fun of it. And NOT because I couldn’t get the dialogues right the first time while watching the movie. Ah, so I have this huge folder in my laptop wherein I keep scripts of the movies I have watched, and sometimes, of movies I haven’t watched, but would love to, someday. AND so sometimes, just like that (mostly it is when I am the most stressed and have absolutely no time for nonsense) I would open one of them, randomly, and scan it, from the first word to the last word. Couple that with a good memory (now this, I have to admit, I have!) and a vivid imagination, and I swear it is as good as watching the movie. A two-hour movie wrapped up in forty-five minutes of perusing its script. Although instructions like *Pause. You can almost hear her getting angry* that come along with the script, kind of make the experience a little spoon-fed, since duh… I am reading what she just said, and I can gather that much at least. But on the whole, I swear by this mode of entertainment. For me its like getting the best of both worlds. I love to read, I love to watch movies, and this helps me combine both!

Scrupulously Selective: (when it comes to music, yes) The music maniac that I am, it doesn’t take me much time to decide if I like a song or I absolutely hate it. Point though, I never hate hate song, unless it is sung by Himesh Reshammiya (it gets beyond tolerance then though). I merely wouldn’t enjoy listening to songs I don’t love. However, what does take time, is choosing which songs to hear! Given my seemingly endless (although my laptop says it is just 65GB worth) music anthology, I can claim to have listened to only 70% of it. So my mind has come up with an ingenious way of choosing which songs to listen to. Over time I have realized that I automatically stay away from songs which have weird names of artists like maybe “something something feat someone someone” with the names having both lowercase and uppercase letters or symbols even. It isn’t even like I consciously do it. Given a compilation of songs, I would invariably start listening to ones with a simple title (that’s how I discovered Pink’s Most Girls, FYI) that “sounds” good. And so far, I haven’t been let down. Much.

I’m sure given some more idyllic time, I would come up with many more such oddities in me. Oh, I am a storehouse of oddities, let me tell you. I stay away from books and movies I have heard people talking about a lot. I wake up in the middle of the night to sing myself to sleep. I’d finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the second time in the tiny screen of the Nokia N70 in one night, tucked inside the blankets (my eyes screamed for mercy by the time it was morning). You get the drift. But for now, let me just wrap it here.

P.S. Found one more. I write exceptionally long blog posts!


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