The obligatory year-end post :)

Ah well, so we’re finally on the last day of this year, or this decade, if you wish to make it more dramatic, and ignoring that little voice inside me yelling “Clichéd! Clichéd!” I find myself looking back into the year that was. I’m sure I have rambled enough in all the previous posts for anyone not even remotely related to me to know what my life this year had been all about. Yet I sure would like to leave small little milestones in my blog, not for anybody, but my own self. Like I said already, the writing is for me to hold on to those things that matter to me.


What made this year so special? Are you kidding me? If any year has to make it to the top 10 important years in my entire history, starting from the day I was born till the day I breathe my last, this is it. Who would have thought this year would turn out to be this significant on New Year’s eve last year, as I cooked dinner in the solitary kitchen for me and my grandmother of all people, the only novel idea being to listen to music I had never heard before?

If I start marveling at how things turned out the way they have, I will never stop, so just so I don’t let go of myself, here’s what happened in a nutshell.

Rode a bike for the first time. Didn’t fall once! Will mention this even though am not yet a seasoned “biker”. Would love to be one though.

Got a tattoo (yes yes yes!!). Went alone to get it done, too.

Realized am grown up enough for other people to start thinking about my marriage. *Gulp*. And not just in some vague arbitrary way. With a specific someone on their minds. *Gulp again*.

Found out that out of the million girls in this entire universe I had one twin I had almost missed out on. Discovered the warmth that lies in a night-long conversation that could have gone on forever. Got my faith back on the “best friend forever”.

Had my first virtual date ever. Oh god, don’t even get me started on the weirdness of the whole thing. Decked up in my best black dress, complete with make-up, with good food and the quintessential candle in front of me. And had a conversation on the phone with a guy two-thousand miles away from me on Valentine’s Day. There were no “I love you”s by the way. Just to set the record straight. We were still “just talking”.

Decided to get married to the same guy (like I could help it anyway). And not just any guy. The sister’s best friend. The one I had known for six long years without once seeing in any “other” light. In whose wedding I had promised to dance like crazy!

Got involved with Fried Eye. And that, was a life saver. Although I knew dabbling with words was something I loved doing, I never knew anybody could take it seriously. Serious enough to make me one of the editors of that e-zine.

Fell in love. With my would-be-husband. (Still sounds weird as I roll it off my tongue) Husband. Got proposed for marriage, complete with the compulsory gold ring. Said yes. Duh.

Discovered the joys of filter coffee. The scalding of the tongue when using the coffee-holder for the first time painfully forgotten.

Got back my 8-pointer I had lost last year. Not that I care. Seriously (rolling eyes heavenwards while crossing fingers behind the back)

Got my belly button pierced. Hence checking off yet another item in my to-do-while-I-am-still-single list.

Traveled to Kalyani with a group of ten for my first youth festival ever. Witnessed a destructive frenzied mob live for the first time. Performed as though in a marathon of songs, and nailed the silver in the western group. Got my picture on the papers for the first time and not because I was lost.

Slow danced with a guy for the first time. In public. And gloated about it for a long time to come!

Got engaged. Am now that guy in Vietnam’s “fiancée”. *Giggle*. Sorry, can’t help that occasional silliness.

Got an iPhone4. Had to return the iPhone4 (it was locked…Grrrr) Got an iPad. Fell in love with it. More so with the brand new fiancé who gifted the iPad.

Got my first Christmas tree and my first ever overseas bunch of red roses. On the same day. I’m sure the word happiest had featured somewhere that day.

Traveled for the first time in an open tempo-like-carrier with a sister, surrounded by luggage, sitting on a duffel bag. Laughed like lunatics as police demanded to check the luggage only to be taken aback when we took off our hoods to tell them we are girls, coming from Tezpur University campus.

Discovered and rediscovered loads of friends… some new, some old. Restored my faith back in the One above. Maybe.

Wrote the year-end post despite promising not to do so. Will spend New Year’s eve exactly like last year. Counting on the mother’s promise to get goodies from outside so don’t have to spend time slogging in the kitchen.

Bid adieu to my handful of readers for the year.


2 thoughts on “The obligatory year-end post :)

  1. Gitartha says:

    In less than 24hrs we will move to a “New year” or I shoukd say a
    “New Decade” with lods of hopes and promises… which will be there
    for us to preserve and remember it for “lifetime” !
    Like a wonderful CHEF, who knows the tinest of the ingredients for his/her
    Creation,u know how to play with words..With Great Thoughts and New
    Hopes, wish you all the best for a “wonderful” new decade …!!

    —gitartha (Ree)


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