Randomization, yet again

So, it’s again two in the morning, and I again find myself wide awake with nothing better to do than watch episode after episode of The Big Bang Theory. Not that I mean it in a bad way. Also, I really don’t care if the fact that I find it funny makes me a nerd. I have, after all, been a Physics graduate. A fact I try to consciously forget sometimes, mostly when the ever-persistent question of “Just why???” keeps trying to nag the better out of me.

But I’m blabbering.

What a week this has been! I mean, absolutely unproductive and uneventful; but what a week!!

So, just to keep me sane, and remind me of just how one should definitely NOT spend one’s week, here’s a track of what I did. Pfffft! “Did” (rolls her eyes!)

Watched four movies. “Going The Distance”, which is about long distance and how it screws up everything (in case you haven’t figured it out from the title itself) was just about what I needed.

Contributed really nothing for the project I am supposed to be finishing in four months. Minus a week. And by nothing I mean nothing. Zero. Zilch.

Took a really long walk one evening, with good company and awesome conversation. High point of the week, hands down.

Oh wait wait. Got the fourth ear piercing I had been dying for just today. Three, somehow, was not just as good as four. And for the record, I was to be heard humming “Bubbly” right after my ear had turned into a crimson piece of flesh emanating heat from all the pain it had accumulated. Also, eight hours since, it is still a deeper crimson color. I hope the prayers for not getting an infection, and the antiseptic work.

Discovered a sudden abhorrence for the ringing phone. With emphasis on the “ringing”. No offence, dear phone, but sometimes, I just don’t want to talk into you. Doesn’t mean I love you any less, really. I just love you much more when you are switched off.

Changed my ringtone to Pharell William’s theme from the movie “Despicable Me”. Ironical, given the preceding circumstance, I know, but extremely symbolic of my inner state of mind. It just doesn’t get any better than “I’m having a bad, bad day, It’s about time that I have my way

Fell in love. With Ferrero Rondnoir. Like me, it has got layers. And like me, it is dark, and slightly bitter. And just like me, it gets all soft once you snap through the brittle hard exterior. Alright, let me stop with the analogy already. But seriously, it is like the best chocolate I’ve ever hard. The “makes you close your eyes” way good. And I’d rather not think of how I actually gobbled two of them in spite!! Gobbled!

Spent an insane amount of money to feel better and wasted it all by getting upset on one phone call even as I was traveling back to the campus. Least I could have done was wait till I got back, and brimmed in the warmth of an empty purse and a stocked up dressing table for a little longer.

Wrote a note on being bitter, and cribbing pathetically, that I would definitely want to deny the next morning. And yet posted it.

Got better in sarcasm. Definitely.

P.S: It’s been such a bad week it can only get better from here. Amen.


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