…the last few words..



I don’t know what is left to say now that things have come to this. It has been three months since you last touched me, and just when I was thinking maybe we could work things out even without it, that we had found out a way around the deafening silence between us, I get to know today that you are ready for a settlement. I mean, I know you don’t need me anymore… but I thought maybe the past year meant as much to you as it did to me..

Remember the time we first met? When you first held me.. and I lit up at your first touch! And remember those hours we spent together… just you and me? And how you would insist I go with you wherever you go? You filled me with love.. you gave me life.. Before you met me, I was just a body.. you gave me soul.. and since that day, all I have done is give you my everything…

You know I had loved it when you kept me close to you don’t you? But then, I should have seen the cracks coming, in those cold dark nights when you would leave me all alone… And yet, crossed in love that I was, each morning when you would come to me, I would see my light shine in your eyes.. and the dark night would be forgotten.. I would be so happy to just feel your palm on my back.. and how you would tease me into whispering sweet nothings in your ears…

How did it all fall apart then? What did I do to deserve this pain? So much pain that I have become numb? How could you just let it all fall down… on me?

And now.. I see no light.. it’s all over… You have passed your final judgement.. And before you give me up forever, I just wanted to let you know that I cared. Only about you. You might have snuffed my life out of me with your neglect, but all I ever knew was that I was yours… Mourn all you want baby.. but I’m not coming back. All that will remain is a flash… and I just wish someday you regret not taking better care of me. That someday you miss the music I brought to your life.. and that I was much more than….

…the 32 GB iPod Touch I appeared to be to your mere human eyes.

Hrmph. Have a happy music-less life, sucker. And woe betide you if you try buy your next iPod Touch. Don’t you know apples from the same tree don’t fall far away from each other?? And if you treat one of us bad, we know you won’t treat any of us any better? So this is it, then. We part ways.. I retire in your clumsy hands.. and you warm your pockets with a ten thou instead of me…? Where is the fairness in this?




Sam’s note: This note is for my dear friend, Ozone, who lost his iPod touch because he stacked books (note the plural) on top of his iPod!! I couldn’t just stay silent… I had to stand up for this cause.. Specially when I swear part of my soul resides in my iPod (and the other part in my iPad!).


2 thoughts on “…the last few words..

  1. Ozone says:

    I never kept books over it :O It was inside a drawer, with some light stuff over it, but NOT books!!!
    Anyway, amazing portrayal of an “object’s” feelings 🙂


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