Musically Mine

When was the last time you surprised yourself? When was the last time you discovered something about yourself that you had previously not known?

This totally amazing thing happened with me today, and I just couldn’t wait to let it all out. And no, I am not talking about a song moving me so much I was shedding tears of happiness. Although that was crazily amazing in itself. Try sobbing heavily and giggling at the same time. And then try not being able to control either. As crazy as it gets, I tell you. Specially if it is over a song.

But that’s not my point, although this is also about a song. It all started yesterday when me and A were watching The Big Bang Theory (yes, again). Right from Episode 1 of Season 1. So, in Episode 3 (or 4, I’m not quite sure), Lenard gets to know Penny is going out with someone else, and he goes into one of his “phases” where he listens to emotional songs. In one scene, Lenard enters the room with his earphones on, and is singing along to the song he’s listening to. Only it sounds like he’s yelling out the lines, “You don’t know me, and you don’t even care“. And suddenly I sit upright, and I’m like, “Where have I heard this song???” because I know it is a song I have heard and majorly liked sometime in the past, but I can’t for the life of me remember which song it is. Pity there’s no internet connection. I mean, given how I actually pause a movie and Google the lines of the background track so I know which song it is (I can’t wait till the end credits), and then download it so I can get back to the movie in peace, I’m actually quite helpless without my plug and surf. But then we forget about it and move on with the episode. And the one after that. Until it is time for lunch and we have to come down to the kitchen.

As if one “unresolved” song was not enough, suddenly I am humming a tune that I simply know is the intro to a song that I had again, heard and majorly liked sometime in the past, and can’t again, for the life of me, remember. But unlike the song from The Big Bang Theory, this tune gets stuck inside my head. And after a while it starts bugging A so much she has to threaten me to stop. And I stop, for like five minutes, before I start again. All I know at that point of time is that the song was from Scrubs, another favorite series. I even try checking out the names of the songs from Scrubs just in case it rings a bell. But before I am done skimming even a fourth of it I lose patience, and leave my pursuit there, hoping the song would suddenly jump at me, like it normally does in my case.

It didn’t. I woke up today morning with the same intro stuck inside my head, and boy was I bugged. Never before had a good night’s sleep let me down before! I went through the day and the evening humming the intro as if repetition was somehow reinforcement for my memory to kick back something for me. But it wasn’t until the time I was about to sleep that the miracle happened.

I suddenly knew which song the intro belonged to. And even though I had turned off all lights and my eyes kept closing down their shutters, I got up from bed, turned on my laptop, and did what was seemed to me the most natural thing to do. I Googled the lines, “You don’t know me, and you don’t even care” (yes, the same lines from The Big Bang Theory) and the song that pops up is Boston by Augustana, and even before I play it I know how the intro is going to sound.

Voila. It was like the moment I heard the lines in that episode and failed to remember the song, my brain prompted me with the only hint it could think of: the intro. Only I couldn’t recognize that clue either. And was dumb enough not to even know it was a clue.

Which actually made me look at myself in a whole different light, really. I mean, I know I am thorough to the point of being geeky when it comes to music, but I didn’t know I had hidden receptors, which were sensitized to pick up stuff unconsciously, and then also a storehouse which stored all that stuff without me even getting to know about them. When LT had called me a data-card with an immaculate memory when it came to music I had scoffed at the idea. I just loved music enough to be able to commit lyrics and notes to memory without even trying to. But this? Associating lines with intros unconsciously, without even knowing that it is an association? Does it happen to everybody?

Maybe it does. But it isn’t everyday that I get to know something about myself that actually impresses me. even if it might not impress anybody else. And for now, even if I am sleep deprived, and my eyes are screaming for mercy after all that typing in the dark (high time I think of a USB light for my keyboard), I am happy. And did I mention I am in love with that song again?

P.S. Just so you know, here’s the song:


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