I want to believe

Prelude: The seed of this post was sown almost a year ago when I saw the famous X-file poster a friend of mine had put up as his display picture in Gtalk. Well, this is what I am talking about.

But aliens and spaceships and X-files were not the first thing to come to my mind at all. Infact, it wasn’t until I actually Googled the phrase that I got to know about the origins of the poster. What stuck on my mind were those four words.

I want to believe.


I want to believe in fairy tale romances. Stuff straight out of Snow White and Cinderella and Rapunzel. I want to believe in the quintessential handsome Prince Charming riding on his white horse and taking his Princess off to the land of the happily ever after. I want to believe that good always happens to the good and that in the end evil is always vanquished. And that humiliated and hurt, evil doesn’t raise its proverbial ugly head again. I want to believe in happy endings. Always.

I want to believe that someday, life will go back to how it was meant to be. Slow and easy. And I want to believe that when that day comes and when people actually stop to smell the roses, the roses will smell sweeter than ever. I want to believe that someday people will again start caring what happens in the house next door, and neighbors will start lending and borrowing sugar again. I want to believe that someday, kids will learn their ABCs where they are supposed to. In school. And that they will not have to rote stuff and sit for tests and prove that they already know everything before they can even join a school and actually start learning. I want to believe simplicity will be back in fashion.

I want to believe that balancing everything is easy. That a person can juggle his career and his family equally efficiently, and earn lots of money and have lots of time, all at the same time. I want to believe in babies being brought up and pampered by super moms who also zealously nurture their job. I want to believe in a life minus compromises and priorities. In a life where everything is important and nothing is too important.

I want to believe that someday MTV will go back to being just about music. That reality shows will stop being phony and staged and that Indian soaps will stop revolving around extremely improbable family drama. I want to believe that comedy will not just be restricted to stand-up shows and be more like the “Idhar Udhar” and the “Yeh Jo Hain Zindagi” and the “Wagle Ki Duniya“. I so, so want to believe that someday, the characters in Hindi serials will not just be clubbed into angels and devils, and will have shades of grey like all of us do. And that they will definitely stop sleeping in their finest silks decked up in all of their gold. And will at least care to open their shoes before jumping into bed (ah, the filmed horror!).

I want to believe that news channels will stop being about hyperventilating screaming reporters emphasizing and sometimes enhancing an already fragile situation, and be more about calm and hopeful yet realistic assessments. I mean, we really don’t need to be more terrified than we already are, do we? I want to believe someday I will turn on the TV without the so-called “truth” being yelled at my ears at high decibels and glaring at me in brisk flashing sequences. I want to believe television will be about information and entertainment and not meaningless publicity and drama riots.

I want to believe in Harry Potter and his enchanting world in Hogwarts where everything becomes alright with the swish of a wand. I want to believe in flying dragons and magical rings and I want to believe that they are strewn all around us waiting for that right moment to reveal themselves. And I want to believe that the right moment is now. I want to believe in the stories of Gods descending on earth in different “avatars” to save the mortals from the devils’ wrath, and I want to believe that this “Kalyug” of global warming and rising prices and corruption is actually the beginning of an end and that “Satyayug” is just around the corner. I want to believe in my grandmother’s tales of the cycles of eras and I want to believe that the right after the worst is over, the best times will begin. I want to believe that fiction and mythology are tales based on reality, and that what we read is what is true.

I want to believe in undying love. In Coke which doesn’t melt bones and teeth. In matches made in heaven. In artificial sweeteners which actually don’t have sucrose in them. In gadgets that never need an upgrade. In a perfectly innocent childhood. In playtime being about throwing ball in the backyard. In diets that don’t leave you unsatisfied and hungrier than ever. In free lunches. In rolling stones sometimes gathering moss after all. In deals with no asterisks and no fine prints. In a life with no regrets. In friendship with no conditions.

I want to believe in life itself. That even if it takes us places we don’t want to go to, or teaches us lessons we don’t want to, in the end, it knows what is best for us.

So much for random nonsense. Oh, and I want to believe this random nonsense made some sense as well.


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