The on-repeat playlist : this week

So yeah. I suddenly have a vague recollection of promising to post my favorite songs every week in this very blog. But ah, for once I’d like to have a bad memory and say, “What? I don’t remember promising something like that!”

Meh. Sometimes I am selfish and love to keep all the good music I have found all to myself. Sometimes I am a little too lazy to post stuff that I am actually dying to share with all the people. So enough is enough, I thought. Here’s getting straight to business. Here’s one of my choicest and (I’d like to think) most diverse playlist that I can’t seem to get enough of, for the last week. Or maybe two. I forget.

I’ll start with the one song I have been listening on repeat the whole day. Actually since yesterday.

So I first got to know about Mozella after watching a Castle episode for the umpteenth time. Must be in one of the episodes in Season 2 that the song “Can’t Stop” plays in the background. I guess I had missed the song in my first viewing. But well, as is my habit, I found out the song, liked it, and straightaway searched for Mozella in Grooveshark. And suddenly this song got to me. Like hit me with a truck or something. “Uh-Uh” is from Mozella’s album Belle Isle, and although all the songs are really good, this one, with its backing vocals is specially catchy. More so because it is about a woman who steadfastly rebuffs her guy’s pleas for forgiveness, and doesn’t relent to all his pleas. Man I wish I were like her!

Before this, I was listening to Ingrid Michaelson. And particularly this song.

My sister was the one to introduce me to Ingrid Michaelson. She had first posted a link of her song “The Way I Am” and I fell in love with the song from first listen, but in the long run, my favor tilted towards “You And I”. I have always been a fan of quirky lyrics, and even though Ingrid Michaelson reminds me sometimes of Regina Spektor and sometimes of Elizabeth and The Catapult, I like the fact that her songs are happier, and lighter, and you are bound to smile once you have heard the songs. Definitely one of my happy songs. Plus I absolutely love the ukulele!

Now, this next song by Edward Sharpe ad The Magnetic Zeros, I hunted for. I mean, I found it on my purposeful hunt for new music on the Popular tab in Grooveshark. I should by now just pledge allegiance to that site, really.

So what do I love about this song? Umm, just about everything. Starting from the whistling, to the perky beat and to the fact that this is a love song like one I hadn’t heard before. I mean, really, it doesn’t get any better than “Home, let me come home, Home is wherever I’m with you”. Plus it has got this old feel to it that appeals to the sucker for classics in me.

Before that I went through a total Alexi Murdoch phase. I can’t count the number of times I had to pause the movie “Away We Go” to google the lyrics and find out what song was playing in the background (I never have the patience to wait till the end credits roll) only to realize it is an Alexi Murdoch song. My favorite so far is this.

I am always about interesting beginnings, and this is as amazing as it gets, I tell you. Even “All of My Days” is a good song, but well, Blue Mind has this something I can’t put my finger on that appeals to me. This is for the rainy nights when I want to just lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling.

I went through an ambient music phase in between, and it started with Azzo. The track is called Jonathan and I hunted it down after hearing it in a video. Worst part with instrumentals is that it doesn’t have lyrics I can google… But well, find it I did!

Jonathan by Azzo

The starting is a little shrill so it might kind of get to your nerves but believe me it gets better. I played this song for one whole night and I can safely say I quite got used to the high-pitched intro by the eleventh time. It was only after this piece that I started finding out what was ambient music, and discovered Aphex Twin. Phase didn’t last long. Only this piece did.

Moving back further, I also spent one whole day listening to Lil Wayne’s “How to Love”.

This isn’t what I normally expect from Lil Wayne so maybe it was more of surprise that worked for this song. It is slow, and sad and touches me in a way I can’t explain. Maybe it is the minor chords that do it for me. This song actually makes me stop doing whatever it is I am doing, and just keep staring at my laptop screen vaguely. Whatever it is, it did change my opinion about Lil Wayne, just like “Anything” changed my opinion about Jay-Z.

Saving the best for the last, this song I discovered only after watching The Social Network. Blasphemy, I know, both discovering a Beatles song through a movie, AND watching a good movie a year and a half post its release, but well, sometimes, you need to save things for later so you can savor them better!

I got hooked to the intro, big time. The Beatles had always used unusual elements and had experimented with a lot of different things, but this was something I hadn’t heard before. Prompted me to download the entire discography, I tell you. And bam! The Beatles were back in my life yet again.

So much for now… I have also been listening to some Kina Grannis, and David Byrne and RnB compilations but I keep going back to these songs over and over again.

Give the songs one listen at least.. and do let me know. I have been known to play Genius to my friends so I’d love to make more personalized playlists! Ciao for now!


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