Of this and that

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my last blog post. I wish I had a dramatic reason for my disappearance, and I really wish I had an even more dramatic comeback. But truth is, as usual, a little lame. I had too many things on my hands to actually find time to sit down and type it all out. And the little time that I had in my hands, I spent productively procrastinating, which is an oxymoron, I know. But the procrastination finally led to this post, didn’t it? Hence productive.

Before everything, let’s get the traditional out of the way, shall we? A very happy new year, and a much belated merry Christmas, since I wasn’t around for that one too. I spent my Christmas eve cooking for six people. Now this might not sound much, but take into account the fact that I still have only Tupperware in my kitchen and a total of one frying pan and one saucepan and one shallow pan. Then take into account the menu, which in itself was a Herculean task of permutations and combinations since my guests included non-veg-fish-haters, non-veg-fish-lovers, veg-fish-not-eater(obviously) and non-veg-meat-lovers. What you get is a frantic housewife and an indulging husband spending the whole day in the kitchen. But then I now kind of understand why each time we had guests for dinner my mother would never be satisfied until the table looked like a veritable Eight Puzzle (you know, the one where you got to move all the other pieces before you get the right one in place?). It is all about watching your hard work being paid off in smiles and second helpings. And just to avoid conjectures regarding how these days I am only about cooking and cleaning, here is where I wrap up the housewife stories.

And that’s because, ahem, I did end up with a job. When I wasn’t looking for one, too. If only I could say I still have it things would have been perfect. But then, when are things ever perfect, eh? Coming back to the job. I was to teach English to TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication) aspirants who have very basic communicative abilities when it comes to English. The hours were a little inconvenient; three hours in the evening, from 6 to 9. Which meant when the husband wasn’t home, I was, and when the husband arrived, I was outside. For two whole weeks I struggled with lesson plans and occasional morning classes and tried to juggle everything, after which it all suddenly stopped. Once my scheduled classes were over, I became redundant. But well, I did learn a few things from my teaching stint after all. The first and all important one is that I really enjoy teaching, which is why I am taking a CELTA course (Certificate for English Language Teaching to Adults) next month. I had to complete a pre-interview task and go through an interview and I have now a 35 page pre-course task to complete but I couldn’t be any happier. The second thing that I learned from my teaching stint is that learning a new language is nothing, but nothing, compared to explaining the whys and whens of English to students. Take the meaning of the word “deserve”. I tried telling “be worthy of” and got blank looks. I then tried looking up worthy in simpler words, only to get “deserving” as the meaning. Beat that if you can. With the dictionaries taking me on a merry-go-round, I had to resort to examples and what not just to get the meaning through. And even now I am not sure if they really got it. I mean, what are you supposed to do when students throw something like, “Why do we say 50kms away from something and not far from something?” at you and then look at you as if you are this all-knowing walking English Grammar book? (I now know that we don’t use “far from” with measurements. Don’t ask me why, please!)

Tangled and involved in English like this, I didn’t even realize when the old year sighed and turned and made way for the new. Maybe part of it was because I had already surrendered to the fact that the new year would be no match for the last year with all its monumental milestones. We did celebrate the new year’s eve though. Visited the annual flower festival and then partied the night at an overpriced restaurant. I wish I could spare more details without involving the husband’s public image, but this should suffice, I guess.

Here’s to the first post of this year, finally. And here’s hoping I never have so many things to do that I can’t find the will to write about them. Ciao!


One thought on “Of this and that

  1. Dagny says:

    One of the reason I NEVER consent to teach English. I guess I simply don’t have the panache to look ’em in the eye and tell ’em: It is so ’cause I SAY so dammit..!

    Now I know why my mother taught English..!!! Jeez… never connected the dots before. I feel sand-bagged now.

    Happy 2012 to both of you.


    PS: It’s alright if you want to continue being annoyed with me. I’ll live with it. 😀


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