My life in the last three weeks summed up in one word. 

In stark contrast to the four weeks before that when I was so busy I didn’t have time to sleep or eat or talk to people, these last weeks have been episode after episode of exemplary laziness. But then again, like I keep telling the husband, you can’t give a woman an extended break from everything, with absolutely nothing to do and then expect her *not* to be lazy now can you? 

So right. It has been day after day of sleep ins and night after night of useless fiddling with the iPad and playing numerous stupid games that require you to spend virtual money on setting up virtual bakeries/night clubs/ cities and just when you are addicted enough, trick you into paying real money to buy all that virtual money. The latest, I should probably mention is something called Snoopy’s Fair. Oh, that and online Bingo. 

The daily routine goes someway like this:

Wake up at 7.30. Realize there’s still time to sleep some more since the husband’s having cereals today, and go back to sleep. Finally get up at 8.30 to sleepily serve breakfast and see the husband off for the day. Sleep walk around the house to find a spot to half-sit half sleep some more. Usually the couch wins. Turn the iPad on. Check if Facebook’s working. If yes maybe waste some time getting overloaded with information I didn’t need to know in the first place about people whose lives are the last thing I am bothered about. If not, check on the other apps in the iPad. Ooh! The strawberry cakes and the apple ciders are ready to serve! And here some opponent of mine has played the word HAZIER for a whooping 27 points (damn!). Now which song should I play in my night club today? And look at that! I can now upgrade my lemonade stall which means Sally earns more every 15 minutes now! *


After about an hour of this, at which point I start boring myself, it is time for the workouts! And yay for the new weights I got myself the other day. Forget the muscle ache I nursed for three whole days after working out a little too much. Forget the fact that my abs scream for mercy. Working out is religion. And so is slumping around the house for the rest of the day because I haven’t got any energy left to do anything else. Lunch is sauteed vegetables and greens Vietnamese style. And an episode of Psych. That, or yet another F.R.I.E.N.D.S rerun. And post lunch finally it is time for some beauty sleep. Even though more often than not I end up looking puffy and even more bloated if possible after my nap which negates the whole beauty sleep concept. After waking up it is practically a repetition of morning’s activities minus the working out. And then, plan dinner. Search for recipes that finally I will not follow altogether, replacing this with that and doing that instead of this. Wait for the husband to come home. On good days, go out jogging and be a part of the typically Vietnamese tradition that is to exercise (stretch and do tai chi and dance around with sticks and what not)in public. On bad days, just stay at home munching savories in front of the TV complaining about how hot it is outside and taking turns to turn the AC on and off. Cook dinner. Have dinner. Fiddle with the iPad some more and then wait till it is a decent time to go to bed. 

And I rest my case here I guess. 

*useless references made to Bakery Story, Word Feud, Night Club Story and Snoopy’s Fair respectively. 


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