Purring like a kitten in a well-scented room

Picture this if you can: 

An amazing weekend that began on Friday midnight (which was the husband’s birthday, by the way) with an impulsive night out in Clarke Quay (Singapore). Saturday morning saw us (the husband, the sister and the brother-in-law and me, of course) rush to the movies to watch The Hunger Games. Saturday afternoon we were basking in the sunlight that seeped into our cable cars as we soared up above and landed in Mount Faber. Gluttony reached a whole new level as we tucked into our steaks, sausages and mashed potatoes and a heap of fries. Sunday morning saw us lazing about, with no intention of doing anything remotely productive, except maybe to sing along to Youtube karaoke videos. Sunday evening was spent on the beach stuffing ourselves with seafood that ranged from platefuls of stingray to squid to chili crab drowning in rich spicy gravy. 

And now give me a reason as to why I shouldn’t be purring like a kitten. Granted, it is Thursday. Granted, I am no longer in Singapore at my sister’s place with the ever helpful Elen at my beck and call. Granted, I no longer have access to a pool view. But well, I am still reeling under the indulgence. To the point where I can simply not think of doing anything that can be termed “work”. True. I am holiday hungover. 

So what does a well-scented room have anything to do with all this, you might ask. Nothing. Except that now with the weather taking a dangerous turn towards scorching and unbearably humid, I restrict myself to our bedroom with the curtains drawn and the windows shut and the air condition turned on full blast, and pretend like it is still mid winter. And the closed windows mean I am not letting any of my “good-smell” air to leave my room. Which in turn means my room smells perpetually good. 

Which actually brings me to the whole point of this post (finally!). If you must know, when I started writing this, I actually considered naming the post “What I Did The Whole Morning And Why I Am So Excited About Suddenly Writing A Blog Post After Ages”. Even though the whole purring thing is true, and so is the well-scented bit. But I digress. The whole point. Of this post. Is this. 


The entire arsenal. From the young and flirty to the demure and ladylike to charismatic and mysterious. Go ahead, call me a snooty housewife who’s got too much time to kill. But if there’s anything I confess to indulge in (sometimes in excess, gosh!) it is perfumes. And although I’d written this nice little piece some time back, it doesn’t mean I am past gushing over my babies over and over again (Yikes, that did sound snooty). So here’s the collection. In order: Playboy “Play It Lovely”, Calvin Klein “In2U”, Mont Blanc “Souls and Senses”, Elizabeth Arden “Arden Beauty”, Burberry “Brit Sheer”, Elizabeth Arden “After Five”, Clarins “Eau De Jardins”, Davidoff “Echo” and Elizabeth Taylor “Forever Elizabeth”. 

And because the one click wasn’t enough, I had to go ahead and dress them up (you heard that right) for individuals “portraits”. Believe me, it was all I could do not to go “Oh, that’s gorgeous! This floral hairpiece is just made for you!” as I went all click click click, lying on the floor on my stomach, dressing my perfume bottles up. 

You’re right. I need to get a life. Soon. 

But until then, here are sweetest smelling models you can set your eyes on!

Starting with Echo and Arden Beauty: because both of them are very floral and feminine and remind me of roses each time I wear them, not because of the way they smell, but because of the way they feel on me. For me, it is all about silky soft rose petals and crisp spring mornings. Sigh.



Moving on to In2U and Play It Lovely: flirty and young and oh-so-carefree. Which is why one has that beaded neck-piece thingy around it and the other a rose bud (ran out of accessories, more like). Because beaded necklaces and dainty rose buds speak more Miss than Mrs. to me. Did that even make sense?



From young and flirty to prim and proper: After Five and Forever Elizabeth: Don’t make me explain the pearl string, please. As for the very Indian neck piece draped around the Forever Elizabeth, it is because it reminds me of some oriental incense stick, and I can’t quite place it. Sad thing is that just like the incense stick, Forever Elizabeth doesn’t last long either. But if it is just a short dinner with your husband (and not a prolonged date with your fiance, har har) this is really good. 


And finally to the queens of summer, my beach-wear perfumes: Eau De Jardins and Brit Sheer: the shades and the floral hair clip and the floral hair piece are quite self-explanatory, eh? These always remind me of the beach, partly because I have actually worn them to beaches and partly because they smell very fruity and floral, just like a tall glass of fruit juice you would want to have while lazing on that beach chair under a coconut palm. True story. 


So there goes. Apologies if you were expecting more words than pictures. But since a picture says a thousand words anyways, let’s just accept that mine here yelled out my exact state of mind. Which is where the title finally justifies itself I guess. 

Ciao for now!


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