Kuala Lumpur so far: Part II

Day 3 & 4: Hit, miss and Jackpot!!

Day 3 began with a phone call to the agent who told me he’d get back to me as soon as he’s checked out availability in the condo. From then on, it was an excruciating three hours of waiting to hear from him, and then deciding that in this case, no news can’t possibly mean good news, I called up another agent. Funny twist of fate, but the moment I called up the other agent, the first agent called me up to say that nothing was available. And yet, when the second agent had called me up to schedule a viewing at six in the evening, the first agent called me up to say that something was available, after all, and asked me if I could view the unit on the next day.

Six O’ clock saw me on a taxi paying way too much to drive to this amazing locality which strangely looked a lot like Shillong, with the condo itself nestled on the top of a small hill. Everywhere I looked I could see tall trees and there was an assuring silence around, broken only by chirping birds and buzzing insects. But well, it wasn’t quite the love at first sight with the unit, and the more I walked around the house the more I started having second thoughts. The major selling point was that the LRT station was just steps away from the condo, but maybe I was still banking on the unit in Seri Maya condo that I was supposed to view the next day.

Day 4 must be the most “happening” day so far. While I had already walked around the condo and loved it to bits, again, the matter that remained was the whole “love at first sight” with the unit. The agent arrived and asked me if I had any preferences of low rise and high rise, as the unit that we were about to view was on the first floor. Not quite sold on that, I asked if there were any other units available. But I hadn’t quite completed my sentence when she opened the door to what just happens to be the most beautiful place I have seen till date. The hall was tastefully decorated with cane furniture, and the balcony opened out to a pool view. The master bedroom was MASSIVE, and everything was spic and span. But before I could say anything, the agent told me that because another party was interested in the unit I had to confirm immediately. Without batting an eyelid I called up R, and told him I really liked it and that we should take this unit as soon as possible.

We didn’t get it. Apparently the other party was paying the deposit even as I was walking around the house dreaming about living in it. I was heartbroken, but the agent said she had another high rise unit available.

Somehow holding back tears, I told myself it was childish to cry over a lost house, and even when we were inside the lift on our way to the 20th floor I kept thinking I had left some part of my heart lurking around the other unit.

And then agent opened the door to the second unit and my heart kind of leaped up and made an effort to stop being the a crumpled heap on the floor it was a few minutes ago. The view from the hall was amazing. We could see the distant mountains and also the exquisite pool in the nearby condo from the balcony. The house was airy and had a fresh clean feel to it.

And that, is the story of how we found our house. I really can’t wait to move in this weekend, and I am already planning at trip to Ikea and see if I can persuade R to loosen his purse strings!

Day 5: Discovery. And belief.

So now that the house was found, the iproperty.com app deleted from the iPad and the cards of the other agents tossed away unceremoniously, I had absolutely nothing else to do. The heat being unbearable and the sunscreen being not too reliable, I preferred to wait till afternoon to venture anywhere outside. And while I had skipped lunch in favor of a prolonged siesta, my rumbling stomach carried me to the food court in the Suria KLCC. I grabbed my copy of “The Night Circus” (by Erin Morgenstern) along with me as an afterthought. And while I had never really believed in spending time all by myself anywhere outside home, as I wolfed down my chicken turning page after page of the book, and listening to song after song by the Tiny Ruins, I realized it was not so bad after all. I started taking an aimless walk inside the mall, and then ventured outside, and before I could think of where my legs were taking me, I found myself in the park surrounding the mall, with the dancing fountains swirling in different patterns every few minutes, and people dozing off on the grass, and children squealing as water from the fountain sprayed their eager faces. And without quite realizing what was happening, I became a believer. Of spending time on my own outside with just a book for company. And at times not even needing it, as the sights and sounds around me were quite entertaining on their own.

As I sat on the bench, cross legged, with my palms cupping my cheeks, and I looked at my favorite towers starting to gleam in the onset of twilight, and I heard the swish-swash of the dancing fountains, I knew this was a place I would keep coming back. Just to remind myself that it is never too late to fall in love with your own company!

Until the next ramble, then!


One thought on “Kuala Lumpur so far: Part II

  1. angana dutta says:

    i love your ‘ramblings’. u r a big inspiration for me to write more often.i guess any girl like myself will relate to ur blog..m frm guwahati working in delhi n ur posts about ‘back home’, makes me strangely nostalgic.. keep writing more often!


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