Of sentiments

You know that feeling? When you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, and there’s a nice song inside your head and you just know, from the deepest core of your being, that this day’s going to be a good one? Without any reason? And you smile to yourself and you don’t feel sluggish when you get up from bed and you know that you could conquer the world if you wanted to today?

You know that feeling? When you stand in your balcony and you see this gorgeously sunny day and there’s just the right amount of breeze… not mussing-up-your-hair breeze, not making-the-wind-chimes-go-crazy breeze, but just the right amount of breeze to make you feel all light and well, breezy? And the green’s the perfect green, and the traffic’s not too loud, and everything’s crisp and fresh for as far as your eyes can see?

You know that feeling? When you turn on the radio, and you hear a familiar song and you realize you know most of the lyrics and you can sing along to it? Or, when the station keeps playing one beautiful song after another and all you can do is wonder what kind of genius it takes to compile such a lovely playlist? Or when you turn on your iPod and put your playlist on shuffle, it reads your mind and only plays your most favorite songs?

You know that feeling? When you take a long long shower and you come out smelling all kinds of nice, and your skin feels squeaky clean? And you take a whiff of the same perfume you have been wearing for a long time, and realize that each time you wear it, it makes you feel good?

What about the feeling when your morning coffee turns out to be *the* best coffee you’ve ever made for yourself? Ever felt that? With just the right amount of sugar and milk and coffee making an aromatic blend of bitter and sweet? Or, the perfect cup of lemon tea, cause that’s how I roll. With just the right balance of sweet and sour.

You know how it feels to read a book and like it so much you are almost scared it is going to get over and leave you alone to think about it all the time? When you lift your head up from the pages, only to realize that you are where you are, and not living the pages like you would love to? You know how it feels to turn over the last page and just know, deep inside, that your life is never going to be the same again?

You know that feeling? When you call a long lost friend, and you start talking and you realize that nothing has changed and that you can still talk about anything and everything under the sun? And that even if you start the conversation with world peace you are going to end up talking about grammar and dresses and make-up and food and marriage and sex and how much you detest Justin Bieber of all things? And then laugh till your stomach hurts and realize it has been over an hour that you have been talking and you are nowhere near being done?

You know how it feels to hear a song for the first time and fall in love with it, and listen to it again and again till it is running in your blood? And years later, when you listen to it again, it takes you back to where you were and who you were with and how the room smelled like the first time you heard it? And it makes you feel just like it did the first time and you wonder if things like your taste it music never really changes even if you might?

You know that feeling? When you see this cutest little baby, and you hold out your arms for her, and she comes to your arms without making a fuss, and then wraps her tiny hands around your neck and nuzzles your neck? And you smile without even meaning to, and when her mother takes her away you end up smelling of baby cream? You know how it feels to be loved, even for a few minutes, the most unconditional kind of love? To know that this tiny little thing had, for a few minutes surrendered herself to your care and attention?

You know how it feels to have a huge dinner and feel just the right amount of stuffed? Like you know you can’t eat another morsel and yet this has been the happiest your stomach has felt in a long time? As though there were a huge smiley on your tummy with the words “Thank You” written underneath it? And just when you think there’s nothing you would like to do more than just sit and stare at everything going around you somebody mentions dessert and all you do is loosen your belt and say “Yes, please”?

You know how it feels to have a long tiring day with thoughts of bedtime keeping you going through it? And then to finally hit the bed and know that the day was over? And that you had finally earned your hours of sleep where you could just forget all about the day? And when you close your eyes and heave a heavy sigh, sleep comes to you like a long-lost lover, and you doze off before you head hits the pillow?

And you ask me how I know I have this great life that I feel lucky to wake up to each morning?


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