The Extremely Cliched New Year Post

I’ve gotta feeling that this year’s going to be awesome sauce. I can just feel it in my heart and soul, I tell you. This year is going to be eventful, and interesting and all things amazingly adventurous. And how do I know it? Apart from the fact that I have a one year old on the edge of toddling, which means I have a lot of running after to look forward to, it has to do with the way the year started. I mean, let’s just sit back and take a moment to look back at the last three years of my life, and how I celebrated New Year’s Eve each year, shall we? Making my point here:

New Year’s Eve, 2011: Vietnam.

The husband and I decided to splurge on a rooftop party at a prestigious hotel and made an advance booking almost a week ahead, looking forward to the complimentary bottle of champagne that was to come with it. Ended up crazy dancing to shitty music that we didn’t recognize, getting pathetically drunk and trying hard to keep a stand (literally!) as random strangers started shoving and pushing for space to keep their beer bottles on our table, that in turn was just a round wooden stand thing thrown in as an afterthought right next to the toilet. By midnight we were too drunk to realize that there were fireworks right outside the glassed room where the party was turning into a sweaty mess.

New Year’s Eve, 2012: Malaysia

The husband and I, along with the in-laws who were visiting us from Asom, arrived at our place in Kuala Lumpur after spending two days in Port Dickson, had a humble dinner and decided to watch a movie, which ended up being not so much entertaining as horrifying (way too much bloodshed for my liking) At midnight, as the new year rolled in, we watched the fireworks in distant Genting Highlands from our balcony, and I moaned about the complete lack of productivity in my year.

New Year’s Eve, 2013: Singapore

The husband and I, along with my best friend, sat in front of a muted TV at home, watching the live telecast of the fireworks at Marina Bay Sands, while the brand new baby slept peacefully in her crib. As we went to sleep that night, the husband told me his new year resolution was to spend more time with the family, and I smiled at him and told him for then just to promise he will change the baby’s diaper each time she wakes up in the middle of the night.

New Year’s Eve, 2014: Singapore/Vietnam

The husband and I were woken up at midnight by the sound of a woman shouting “một hai ba!” with glee right outside our hotel room in Ho Chi Minh City, followed by intermittent (very loud) “wow!”s and the unmistakable sound of fireworks. The should-have-been-deep-asleep babe was wide awake, and smiling at me while blowing raspberries on my belly. So we bundled up the baby and walked outside the room, where we witnessed the absolutely stunning first of its kind fireworks launched from the helipad of the iconic Bitexco Financial Tower (the tallest tower in HCMC) from the balcony. Earlier that day, while on our way to the airport, the husband lost his phone in the cab and along with it, his cool. Rushing about like a chicken with its head cut off, he managed to let the staff at the information desk know that he’d lost his phone, but wasn’t able to provide any relevant information in his heightened state of anxiety. Not to brag or anything (oh well, a little maybe) but this woman right here, who had the babe strapped to her chest and was actually calm enough to hum a song through it all, recalled the taxi number and the name of the driver from memory and asked the extremely helpful staff to call the company from which the taxi was hired. Took us a good forty five minutes, but thanks to the airport staff’s persistence, we finally located the phone. The husband had to wait outside until the very last moment while I went through immigration and security with my sister’s family, but he did make it to the flight on time. I call it a New Year’s Eve miracle.

But really, my last meal of the year was a piping hot bowl of authentic Pho Ga, and the first day of this year was spent  traveling from HCMC to the Aroma Beach Resort and Spa in Mui Ne, through acres of dragon fruit farms and rubber plantations. The two toddlers (my sister’s and mine) were on their best behavior despite being cooped inside a car for over five hours. The resort itself was spectacular, and to keep up with the theme of serendipity, we got upgraded to a bigger villa. See what I mean? When the year starts with an incredibly relaxing holiday at your favorite place of all times, you know things are going to be good.

Cabanas and the poo...


View from the balcony

The restaurant

It’s been two days since we reached home back from the holiday, and I might still be high on the holiday adrenaline, but even the wet Singapore weather hasn’t been able to dampen (pun intended) my spirits! I am still drifting in that happy place where it is all about Trung Nguyen coffee (only the best in Vietnam!), deliciously comforting chicken rice congee served at the Park Royal Hotel, breakfast of Banh Cuon after two whole years, and the wonderful people who seemed even warmer this time, since I had the baby with me.

Here’s to a good year, folks. And here’s to keeping my resolution of writing more.

P.S. Now that I am off Facebook for good (more on that in a later post), I have created a Facebook page (yes, I see the irony) for people who had followed my blog through the links I would post on my Facebook profile. Share the love! Like the page!


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