Here’s one to the Other Half

I don’t often write about the husband. The G-Man. The main man. I mean, he does feature in most of my posts but I have never actually centered an entire post about him. But this I have to write. One would think three years of being married to a man is enough to know him, or at least predict how he’s going to react to something, right? Not always so, apparently. Which is why the sequence of events that transpired yesterday night has still left me alternately shaking my head in disbelief and wondering how I got so lucky. Well, the (not so rare) disagreements and general nitpicking and mild annoyance I am used to (in my defense, he is almost always sarcastic and has a very juvenile and caustic sense of humor) Just as I am used to the comfort that familiarity brings in a relationship, like the way he smells every morning, crisp and sharp as he gets dressed for work, and how his old tees worn soft over ages feel on my cheeks when I hug him goodnight, or how his voice sounds in the morning right after he wakes up and the sound of his laughter as he cracks up at his own jokes. But this impulsive man who still manages to surprise me? Made me stop in my tracks and smile and shake my head and smile some more and keep asking him, “Really?”

So yesterday, during dinner, we talk about our day. Yakking away, you know, yada yada same ol’ same ol’. Except of course I am really excited about this brilliant message I had received earlier in the day (I hope you are reading this, the woman who made my day, you!) and I keep going on about how inspiring it is that within days of opening the Facebook page someone has actually reached out to me to let me know how much they appreciate my writing! He sounds equally thrilled for me, and says something in the lines of “I told you so!” Which is when I moan about how my laptop’s getting real slow, now that I don’t have an updated antivirus. The Windows Starter OS that came with the laptop three years ago, that I lazily never upgraded, isn’t much help either. Continuing in whining mode, I comment on how my head aches these days if I sit in front of the laptop for too long, and he asks me where I had kept my old glasses. I mumble something about them being around somewhere, and that I really need to get my eyesight checked again. In true G-Man style, he says, “Yeah, get those thick black frames this time. The writer ones. And then, one day, your cover photo on Facebook will be your glasses, a mug of coffee, your laptop, and your book

So you can understand my surprise when the next line that comes out of his mouth is “You know what? You need a new laptop. And I’ll get you one. Tonight!

Dumbfounded and yet grinning ear to ear, I tell him I don’t need a new laptop and the old one is perfectly fine if only I get a new OS and antivirus and is he really sure and oh he doesn’t need to but yeah, maybe one with a backlit keyboard would be nice. I know. The trajectory of thoughts inside my mind is a little, well, inconsistent. After asking “Really?!” repeatedly and getting the same answer each time I finally smile some more and tell him maybe we can go the next day so I can be there to help him choose the laptop? He gets all business like and says, no, it needs to get done that night itself and that sometimes one needs to be impulsive. Within ten minutes he is out of the door while I am still registering the fact that I would be getting a new laptop without so much as having to ask for it. He sends me a few messages from the store, and within the next hour, I have my brand new laptop with me!

Alright, now that I have revealed what the big deal was, maybe it might not seem like that big of a deal to you (hey, it’s just a new laptop), but you have to understand that this is the man who, if sent to the departmental store with a list of things to buy, calls me up thrice to compare prices, and then thinks twice before putting something in his cart. And while it is awesome to have a swanky new laptop (he got me the Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series and it is all kinds of amazing; more on a later post) it is the thought that went into buying this that wowed me. Specially since before leaving to buy the laptop, he made me promise that I will write more and reminded me of how I had promised him the first signed copy of my book even before we got married. I mean, really, all I had told him was that it would be so much easier to write if my laptop were faster and less annoying (urgh nasty pop-ups!) and this man went out and got me a new laptop! Talk about giving me wings when I told him I wish I could fly.

Believe me when I say I have come a long way from being the newly wed with stars in her eyes who put her husband on a pedestal. Seriously, nothings call for a reality check more than the first year of parenthood. Which is why, when something like this happens out of the blue, it makes me all warm inside thinking about how maybe growing old with this man will not be that bad after all, and maybe the best is yet to be after all. And yes, sometimes all it takes is an impulsive gift (well, just the coolest touchscreen laptop that flips completely to become a big tablet and has the softest keypad that makes writing a breeze… I could go on) and the reminder that he will always be there to help me up as I chase my dream. Cheers to us, darling!





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