The Luxury of Lavish Laziness

As I type this, the house is blanketed by an almost eery silence; a sharp contrast to the happy squeals of baby girl just an hour ago. There’s a definite end of the holiday melancholy drifting in the air. A tub of icecream sitting in the freezer keeps luring me, and I keep resisting temptation, although I am not sure the melt-in-the-mouth kueh bangkits that I am snacking on (courtesy my amazing neighbour) is a “healthy” choice either. I find myself sighing a lot, dragging myself about the house with a long face. Tomorrow’s Monday, and the first working day in four long days… Back to the drudgery, back to the ordinary, back to hurried showers and early mornings.

So, okay. I don’t really have work to go to (stay at home mom, remember?) and if you ask me what we did the entire long weekend, I will let you know that we did the best thing ever: nothing. We shamelessly indulged in laziness. Well, me more than the husband. With him at home, I could actually sleep in while baby girl enjoyed her exclusive Dadda time, even though most of the times I would get up because I felt like I was missing out on all the fun. The husband would also take her to the park while I took a much deserved long hot shower. Who was I to complain? This Mamma got her share of alone time, and Dadda got his share of baby time. Win win, I say.

I think after the first two days of pestering me to go out somewhere, anywhere, and receiving nothing but lukewarm enthusiasm in return, the husband decided not to pursue the matter anymore. In case you didn’t know it, Singapore gets pretty dead around Chinese New Year time, specially the malls. It is quite weird to see normally crowded malls almost deserted… I swear in one place the atrium was so deserted kids were zooming past in their scooters inside the mall. In the parts of the city where CNY is actually celebrated, it gets way too crowded for my comfort, or so I told myself. I almost checked out the River Hongbao festivities, but a Google search revealed that it would continue till 28th February, which gave me reason enough to postpone the visit. The husband really, really wanted to go to Chinatown, but I kept telling him I would be nearly claustrophobic among so many people. The zoo I rejected because my hip pain (it is a real thing, I tell you) wouldn’t let me walk the long time that it would have taken to take in the sights there. Alright, so maybe I was just aching to find an excuse not to go out. I think even getting dressed up and going out felt like too much of an effort.

So instead what did we do?

We took long lazy walks around the park with baby girl and ate oranges sitting on the park bench. We went out early (like, wicked early) to have a long Mc Donald breakfast (isn’t there an unwritten rule about holidays and unhealthy eating?) and then walked it off in the nearby waterway. We basked in the sun without worrying about rushing back home… no schedules to keep up with, nowhere to go… We napped when baby girl did, waking up only when she did, after which we would lounge about and drink tea. We watched television without feeling guilty about exposing a toddler to the screen and what not because she wouldn’t sit still long enough to actually watch any. We went on a coffee date like we used to, and watched in amazement as little Miss Talkative babbled away to a couple of total strangers while trying to snatch our french fries from our  hands. We had long conversations and Skype chats with our family back in India, and let baby girl “talk” on the phone while walking around the house. Like I said, no rushing about… just taking it real slow and relaxed.

Walking with the kiddo

And then today, as a tribute to lavishing on laziness, we ate our breakfast sitting on the kitchen floor with amazing French jazz music playing in the background, and the breeze from outside making the wind chimes go nuts. We went out to the nearest mall, just to get the hang of “normalcy”, seeking comfort in its usual noises and crowds. Then we did something we hadn’t done as a couple ever: watched a cricket game. Well, not the entire game (we don’t have THAT much of a luxury of time) but the second innings. The more important one. The one where India scored a massive victory over South Africa. And I swear each time we cheered our team, baby girl joined in as well, shaking her head and squealing in delight.

All in all, a quite nice way to spend a long weekend, I think. Here’s to the next long weekend of doing nothing then….

Oh, and here’s the playlist of  French jazz music, just so you get the “feel”. Just add a sunny breezy kitchen!


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