Mid-week musings

It is one of those unforgiving Singapore days when I am *this* close to melting into a puddle of sweat. It is most certainly not helped by the fact that miss munchkin uses me as her jungle gym. I am ready to go shower for the second time and it is only ten in the morning. With three days left for the weekend (if you count the whole of today, which I do because it has just begun) all I can do is sigh and fondly look back at last weekend. It’s almost like I live weekend to weekend, with the week being just something I need to conquer in order to reach those glorious two days.

People who know me will know how much I love to romanticise things, especially the little things, the unsung trivialities, and last weekend was all about those tiny little things falling right in place. On Saturday afternoon we picked up the grand kitchen play set I had wanted for me baby girl, which is probably why Sunday morning began way too early with an impromptu tea party, complete with plastic cake and air tea. Thanks again to the kitchen set, I got myself an added half an hour in the kitchen while the husband gladly drank pot after pot of tea which baby girl served, each time saying “Saah? Saah?” as he held out his tiny red cup. To show my appreciation for his patience, I made him some real cardamom tea while I pottered about in the kitchen, chopping this and slicing that for lunch. Spotify’s “Mellow morning” playlist churned out beauties that I hummed along to, specially this Lily Allen number that actually made me stop in my tracks because I realized how much I missed listening to her voice. Just as I was about to serve tea, it started raining.

I mean, talk about your perfect timing.

I smiled without even realising I was smiling and we had tea while staring out the window. I decided to make crepes for breakfast, and I swear it was the best batch of crepes I had ever made. Evenly golden and heavenly soft, they were something I was immensely proud of. And then, just as I was serving breakfast, a French song started playing. Admittedly, this one was not a coincidence (the husband had deliberately put it on to set the mood) but it was again, perfect. It didn’t matter that we had maple-flavoured syrup instead of the real thing and no other filling for the crepes; didn’t even matter that we were not sitting in a French cafe. I actually ate my crepes standing up, swaying my hips to the music, smiling myself silly.

And then, that Sunday I achieved a major milestone. I went out all by myself to pick up a toy for baby girl from another woman (my love for the preloved is a story for another day) Admittedly, it was a quick errand; just a short car ride and back. But it felt so liberating to be outside on my own for the very first time since becoming a mother!! Obviously the munchkin wailed and cried when I left and apparently had intermittently whined as well, but the moment I reached home with this beauty of a toy I was forgiven. And forgotten.

FullSizeRender (1)

I wish I had enough good words for this toy, but well, it is afterall just a wooden toy and I can only gush about it so much. Let’s just say it kept me smiling for quite long, and the back story that comes with this toy made me smile even more, shall we? Like I said, story for another day.

The afternoon we spent in the Singapore Botanic gardens, walking and walking some more. The weather was beautiful and the breeze amazing. Baby girl loved walking about, and would sit down on the road anytime her Dad pointed the camera at her. It took us some time to realize that it was her “camera pose”.

She ran around on the green grass with reckless abandon, squealing while we chased after her, and wanted to climb any steps that she could see, holding my hand counting the stairs as she went up and then down.


We also sat down on ant-covered benches from time to time to give our legs some rest. Okay, so that part wasn’t really perfect, specially since both of us came back with ant-bites all over our legs.


Finally she decided she was too tired so we hurried to the air-conditioned respite of the souvenir shop while the husband booked a cab home.

Tired and immensely satiated. That’s how I felt on Sunday night. I realised it’s about filling those two days just the right amount, leaving enough space for nothingness, that makes you feel like it was worth waiting the week for the weekend. The last weekend didn’t feel like it passed by in a flash, honestly, and it was a first in a long long time. Oh well, here’s to the next time the stars align and serendipity flashes her benevolent smile on me again. To beautiful music and beautiful food and the gift of time. Cheers!


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