Mid-week musings: II

By now I think I can safely say that mid-week crisis is a thing. And the more sensational your weekend the worse your mid-week crisis the next week. Can we all agree on this?

I mean, it’s an ordinary day. By ten in the morning, I’ve cooked lunch, given miss munchkin her breakfast, taken my shower and given hers, sorted out her playroom only to have it thoroughly messed up again, pushed her around the house in her cozy coupe four times, read the Sasha and Olly book (her latest favourite) five times and a whole lot of others one after the other. Then we’ve had a plastic pizza party in our kitchen and nommed on plastic cupcakes in a cup, practised our shapes, run around the house chasing a ball, all the while singing silly songs. We then played with our book/schoolhouse until miss munchkin couldn’t decide if she wanted to put Scout in the rooms or sit on the book herself.

And as I put her down for her nap, making a mental note of everything that needs to be done next, I can’t help but remember how last week this day I was busy packing for our impulsive holiday to Phuket. On a side though, if it’s true that there’s no greater excitement than packing for a holiday, then it’s also true that there’s nothing more depressing than having to deal with dirty laundry demanding to be sorted out from yawning suitcases dumped unceremoniously on the floor. For now I’ve enclosed the post-holiday area in a room and vehemently pretend it doesn’t exist. Picking through the holiday remains is a job for the next weekend.

Physically, I am pottering about the house doing this and that, but inside my head I am slumped in a corner, going: Somebody save me. Pick me up, please. Hold my hand and take me back, nice and gentle. No, no, don’t dilly-dally! I mean NOW. Take me back to that night when the husband and I sat on the bed with a large tray of food between us and marvelled at the sheer variety of food and made googly eyes at the amazing water chestnut dumpling and iced coconut milk dessert. And then sat and talked late into the night without having to worry about waking up early the next day while the little tyke slept peacefully in the other room. Take me back to that lavish breakfast spread where we ate till we groaned, while the little one made friends with the staff, one high five at a time. What would I not do to go back to those delicious mid-morning naps with the little one, when I woke up to the smell of coffee and a decadent chocolate orange bar? Oh for cakes and coffees everyday… Or that wobbly woozy walk back from the massage place where I got the cheapest ever hour long foot massage while sleepily gazing at the sea… Take me back to that amazing morning, with the sun kissing my face, the wind in my hair, and the crashing waves to my left. If not that, bring me that lovely woman, cute as a button, who wouldn’t stop smiling as she lovingly massaged away all my tiredness. Yes, that would be really nice, too. Take me to five days ago, where the only thing I had to worry about was how to choose what to eat from the long list of things I wanted to have.

FullSizeRender (2)

I desperately needed this holiday we took to Phuket last Friday. And it was precious because you see, we are not impulsive people. We plan for ages, scout the blessed world wide web for the best rates and best places and read reviews and change our mind a million times. But this time, just this once, we really did just “go for it”. And it paid off in so many more ways than one. Miss munchkin surprised us once again by being quite grown-up in this trip, which meant this Mommy got to have some much needed alone time. The best part though, was how the husband and I were totally in sync about what we wanted from this holdiay. We would wake up, lazily indulge in a long breakfast, go out or walk around the resort, come back to the room for the toddler’s (and Mommy’s) nap while the husband would go out to his coffee shop to gaze into middle distance and think about nothing in particular over a cup of latte, and bring me back my coffee and cake just in time as I wake up from my nap. We would then have lunch, after which it would be Dadda’s time to keep miss munchkin occupied and later we would lounge by the swimming pool. Dinner would be in the room after baby girl’s sleep time (thank heavens for the upgrade to the family room) and then, hushed conversations about everything ranging from the silliest to the deepest.

The sun on our faces

One of those rare times she let us carry her

One of those rare times she let us carry her

"Wait, is that a flower behind my ear?"

“Wait, is that a flower behind my ear?”

"That way, not this!"

“That way, not this!”

"What's all the fuss about these glasses?"

“What’s all the fuss about these glasses?”

Water baby!

Water baby!

I know, I know. I am so hungover. I know real life is not all holidays. But for now, I think I will sulk a bit, thank you very much. I miss frangipanis in my hair, and I miss indulging in sinful cakes (50% off after 5pm!) and telling myself everything is fair on a holiday. I miss coming back to a magically clean room, and I miss the buggy rides around the resort with miss munchkin going “Wheeeeee!” I miss the food, oh the food!

Oh well, there’s always my famous Thai chicken green curry to make from scratch. And the weekend to look forward to. Maybe I’ll go pick some frangipanis from the park nearby and wear them on my hair. Sigh.

Flowers in my hair...

And yes, this song because of all the sun, sun, sun…


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