Hello, stranger

Hello stranger, come sit next to me. It’s late evening and my bones are tired, but I’d love some company. Please don’t mind if I yawn now and then; it’s not you, it’s me. And if I fall asleep mid sentence, don’t be offended, oh please don’t be. And yes, be kind; don’t laugh… and don’t wake me. I’ve been looking all over for you, and now that I’ve found you, I don’t want to let you go. Let’s talk, let’s giggle, let’s bond over tea… Sip after sip, cup after cup, let’s get closer, you and me.

So tell me about yourself, tell me all I need to know… Who knows today might be the day we look back at, years later or even tomorrow…. Today might be the day we talk about as the day we met our best friends, so let’s hope we are no longer strangers when today ends.

Well… what do you need to know about me? I’m not yet thirty, going on sixty, and yes, I am truly homey. I will be your sounding board, your voice of reason if you need… And yet if you just want me to tell you “Go follow your heart!” I will say it in a heartbeat. I am very much a mother, sometimes nothing but, and yet the firebrand inside is warm like ember, glowing somewhere in my gut. So tell me if you want to be with a woman who is all mush and no grey… tell me if you can deal with technicolour; tell me you’ll try understand me, come what may.

Did I tell you I have a daughter? She’s the love of my life; my everything and more… She’s the reason my world goes round, and today she… I’m sorry, I get carried away. Do let me know if you’re bored. I have not been interesting company in a long long time, so I will try my best. But I know if our frequencies match, so will the rest. So tell me more about yourself, let’s talk about you. Enough about me, I’m all talked out for now (perhaps) and there’s nowhere I’ve got to be.

Tell me silly stories from your growing up days, the ones that bring tears of joy… Tell me about that first crush of yours, that lucky girl or boy… Tell me what angers you the most, and what makes you smile. Or maybe you’re the bashful kind, and will take a while? Then tell me about the books you like, tell me about the ones you love. And let’s talk about the book that changed your life, the ONE you put way high above… I’ll probably sigh and tell you, I don’t quite read enough. There are more bookmarks than I’d like, stuck between the known and unknown… And yet I hungrily fill my shelves with books, some my own and still more on loan. I know I should read better; find books that will make me think… But all I want for now are easy reads, books that end in a blink. So tell me about the last book you read, the one you stayed up all night for. Tell me why you liked it so; I want to know so much more…

Let’s talk about music then, or movies if you will. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in touch with either, but I am passionate still. Come, sing a song for me, and I’ll sing the harmony. Let’s laugh over silly duets and forgotten lyrics; maybe we’ll make the perfect melody. I’ll sing you my favourite ones, and you sing yours; and maybe we’ll find the one that is ours.

Come, let’s find how alike we are and just how different. Let’s revel in the similarities and learn to respect the divergent. But most of all let’s talk, talk some more… Let’s talk about the silly and the mundane, to things that touch your deepest core. Nothing is not important enough, tell me whatever comes to your mind; tell me about your epiphanies or even your latest internet find. 

Let’s bask in this glow of newness, and let’s just savour this anticipation. This spark might die, or it might turn into a raging fire; but tonight we’ll talk with passion. In a few years’ time, we might be strangers again or the best of friends. But like I said, at least we won’t be strangers by the time this night ends. 


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