Moving-in weekend and the, em, problems I have 

You know you’ve got a problem when you lie in bed unable to sleep after a long tiring day because the 24/7 air conditioning has done a number on your throat for over a week and you can’t stop coughing and hacking. You know you’ve got a bigger problem when you get up for a glass of hot water and antihistamines and end up staying up for another hour rearranging the books on the new book shelf because the husband just didn’t get it right the first time around. You’d been itching to set things straight ever since he nonchalantly dumped the books out of the box onto the shelf and you thought you had it in you to wait until the next morning but you JUST. HAD. TO. Obviously, with a PG Wodehouse rubbing shoulders with some obscure business management book (shudder!) and the Diary of a Wimpy kid books split up into three sections in the shelf, you knew it was a major crises that needed immediate attention.
Sigh. I admit I have a problem.

I think I am a closet Monica (from F.R.I.E.N.D.S obviously) when it comes to organising stuff. Books, clothes, perfumes, toiletries and more recently, baby girl’s toys, everything has its proper organising scheme. I had mentioned my love for perfect order, hadn’t I? Well, it is not so much love as obsession. So I took my own sweet time clubbing the books into genres and sticking books from same authors together. And because in this house I consider myself somewhat of an authority on books (the husband takes a year to finish a book, if that) “books I haven’t gotten around to reading yet” is a totally legit category. Not satisfied with organising just our books I then moved on to categorising baby girl’s books (she’s got nearly ninety of her own, not kidding) and finally gave up only when my knees started making an ominous popping sound each time I moved. It’s been quite the busy weekend and two minutes shy of midnight I find myself wanting to write all about it. Did I mention I have a problem? 


So our stuff finally arrived yesterday (yay and double yay!) and I spent the better part of an hour getting overwhelmed with all the stuff wondering where I was going to fit in everything and randomly mumbling things like “For a family of three we sure do have a lot of glasses!” or “Curses, curses Daiso Japan and $2 prices!” While the Husband started unpacking the toys and books, I started with the kitchenware. Two hours later I ended up with a back about to break and a kitchen that was *just* filled. If we need to buy anything else, we either would have to toss out something old or risk having the drawers burst open out of sheer bulk. Same holds good for my closet actually. Moving out from a 3 bedroom place to a 1 bedroom place is proving to be, interesting to say the least. 

You know what else is interesting? Trying to assemble baby girl’s brand new kitchen play set on my own. Back in Singapore when I was miserable about having to let go of her nice red kitchen, everyone consoled me. “It’s okay”, they had said, “You’ll buy a better one”, they’d said. No one told me what a pain it is to assemble a new kitchen with a 41 step instruction manual and million screws. To top that, none of the screws fit in. None. Instead of holes, there are indentations on the hard plastic and short of hammering them in like actual nails I can’t think of a solution. So the kitchen lies in bits in pieces on the floor, and that doesn’t bode very well with my toy organisation obsession situation right now. I have to consciously avert my gaze and think of tomorrow morning when hopefully the Husband will fix it. 


Speaking of tomorrow morning, it is technically tomorrow right now and I know I am going to be such a mess later in the day. Earlier today (errr, yesterday) we had gone out to Dubai Mall (only the biggest mall in the whole wide world) with friends, did a spot of shopping, watched the musical fountains (don’t kill me Dubai but I loved the KLCC ones in Malaysia better) and came back dog tired from all the walking and unpacking. Which is why, that I am up past midnight writing a post, after spending an hour rearranging the bookshelf, is proof that I have not one but many problems, sleeplessness being added to them by now. 
Oh well, at least this house suddenly feels more like a home. The living room feels cosier. Done with you, harsh fluorescent ceiling lights! Why, hullo soft floor lamps! Funny how a few lamps here and a few rugs there make a whole world of difference in making a home comfortable. The play area is still my favourite part of the house, half a kitchen and all. Specially since the wall decals are in place again! My own kitchen comes a close second, and I can finally now envision us having good times in this place.


Now if only my back would please stop aching and my throat would stop itching so I can fall asleep like I am supposed to…. 


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