Once, someone close to me had asked me what my favourite word is. For someone as wordy as me, it seemed nearly impossible to pick one over the rest but I surprised myself by saying almost immediately: serendipity.

So yes, like a million other fans of the movie, I fell in love with the word just as I fell in love with the movie. Delectable John Cusack, Bap Kennedy’s Moonlight Kiss and oh that scene in that skating rink, and just the whole idea of a “fortunate accident”… Sigh. The word does have a special place in my heart, specially since I have always believed in destiny. That some things are meant to happen, and every little thing that happens is just a means to an end. That some “accidents” occur just so happier events can follow.

Like my being able to attend my best friend’s wedding. Now that was quite… Serendipitous.

But please, please let me backtrack a bit. This is a story that jumps straight out of the pages of Anne of Green Gables. Born nearly seven months apart to parents who were family friends for a long long time, it was as though she and I were destined to be besties. We were attached to the hip, never one without the other. So last year, when her wedding date was fixed, all I knew was I desperately wanted to be there for her. But logistics didn’t work out (more like the Husband wasn’t comfortable letting me travel alone with the little one) and so I unwillingly let it go.

Cut to January, when a bout of flu rendered both the Husband and Miss Munchkin sick and grumpy and I managed to somehow survive unscathed with nothing worse than a body ache. The little tyke became unreasonably clingy while recovering and one night I found myself sitting on the couch nursing her back to sleep at 4am. All because she woke up demanding to be nursed back to sleep, not on the bed and not lying down, but on the living room couch, while sitting and holding her in my arms. She then proceeded to scream her head off until I relented, because honestly, I didn’t want the neighbours to come knocking at our door complaining. That’s when I decided that enough was really enough. I was tired of breastfeeding, tired of giving in to her demands and tired of hearing her scream. Which is why I declared that I wanted to go to Tezpur as soon as possible, where I could let her scream without having to giving in to her unreasonable demands, without having to worry about waking the neighbours up.

To show me that he took me quite seriously this time, the Husband decided to get my tickets booked for the first week of March. Multiple phone conversations ensued, trying to work out the logistics, and on the 31st of January my husband sent me my tickets. He also sent a copy to my father who was supposed to pick me up from Guwahati and my brother-in-law who lives in Kolkata and needed to be there to host us on our way to Guwahati. I saved the ticket to my phone and didn’t spare a second thought to it until the next day when my Dad called me up. He sounded worried, and asked me to check the date on the ticket. Turns out Husband dearest booked the tickets for the 4th of FEBRUARY instead of March and I had completely overlooked it.

Obviously pandemonium ensued. The first thing the Husband did was figure out how to change the dates and how much it would cost us. Even as he went about making calls, a small voice inside my voice reminded me that if I traveled on the February date, which was incidentally just three days later, I could actually make it to the best friend’s wedding. There was no looking back then. It was decided. I was traveling with the kiddo all the way to Guwahati, the Husband accompanying us halfway to Kolkata.

That’s how I found myself decked up in my best silk, cranky toddler tucked in my arm, marvelling at how pretty my best friend was looking in her bridal silk and how happy I was to be able to be there for her on the most important day of her life. Serendipity, am I right?



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