All rolled into one

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last wrote. A month! For someone who started blogging because she had too much to say and not enough people willing to (more like having the patience to) listen to her blabber I have seemingly relegated to wannabe sporadic blogger at best. I used to be prolific at one point. I remember a time when I would have to stop myself from posting something online because it had only been an hour since my previous post.

Such were days…

So what have I been up to for the last month? Well, a lot and nothing all rolled into one, to be honest. Good news first, the book has gone into copyediting! When I got to know that the book was in the hands of my editor (as a side, does it mean I am finally, finally an author, now that I have an editor of my own?) I was in tenterhooks. This was the one person who could make or break my book and if she didn’t like it, things would be tough for both of us. I braced myself for rewrites, and had almost started worrying about how I was going to manage time between school and home to set time aside to write. Forget the fact that it has been so long since I finished writing the book that I feel as though a different person had written it. But when she told me that there weren’t any changes that couldn’t be handled during copyediting, I found myself being able to breathe finally. Work on the cover page should start soon, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

We have already started planning a book-tour of sorts (a woman can dream, eh?) and I am thinking of going all out for my book launch in Guwahati. It is only once in my lifetime that my first book will be launched, and I want to make it big! We’re thinking a posh hotel banquet hall, people crammed into it, fancy high tea in twinkling silver with ridiculously tiny portions of gourmet stuff , the paparazzi (oh wait, I’m not famous yet) and amidst all of this, I’ll be the shining star, a dedicated fan-blower following my footsteps so I look perfect in each photo. A live band singing songs about me is also something we are considering.

Jokes apart, the moment I get to know the tentative release date I am getting my tickets booked for Assam. It’s been a year since I last went home and I am so homesick the pain feels physical. After the book launch in Guwahati, I am planning a few meet-the-author events but I guess everything will be concrete once the dates come in. Exciting times ahead! Can’t wait!

Until my book is launched and I am catapulted into fame, my humble life goes on. The one where I get up every morning to the Moana song because little Miss Munchkin refuses to get up from bed without listening to it. The one in which my getting ready for work routine includes picking up books off my shelves for my colleagues and their kids, because I am the walking talking library (I kid you not, I carry three or fours books every other day and distribute them in the staffroom) The one in which I have adopted the toddler sleep schedule and go to bed at the ridiculously early hour of 9pm because by the time I put Miss Munchkin to sleep I am tuckered out myself. The one in which I am reading young adult fiction more than anything else so I can let my students know which ones are worth reading and which ones they can give a pass. And then wondering if I shouldn’t be reading more enriching stuff better suited for my age, because sad that it is, I am not a young adult anymore.

It might sound like a humdrum existence, but even as I write this, three things come to my mind that I HAVE to let you know about. The first being that my husband and I went on our first couple-only trip a fortnight ago. The Husband dropped Miss Munchkin and Jenny at my sister’s place, I took a cab to the airport straight from work, and before I knew it we were off to Bangkok! The trip was admittedly short. I mean, blink-and-you-miss-it short, and we spent more than half our time getting stuck in Bangkok’s notorious traffic jams, but man was it worth it! Goes to show how far I have come from that woman who had cried her eyeballs out on knowing that she’d have to leave her daughter behind to go to work everyday. I am on the verge of making this an entire post in itself but I will restrain myself. The two day-trip was all about food (gluttony, more like. Thai is hands down my favourite cuisine) and getting relaxing massages and then more food.

I also HAVE to tell you about this adorable table and chair set I got from IKEA for our balcony as a surprise to my husband who was away in Krabi for a sales meet. It was an impulse buy, one of the few I don’t regret at all, and I felt really proud that I could manage to keep it a surprise because I am terrible at giving surprises. The fact that he was on a flight and mostly unavailable during that time doesn’t count, does it? We would keep talking about how our balcony looked too small to do much with it, and keep vaguely planning to maybe get chair or something, but it is only after I got the set that we realised how perfect it is for the morning cup of tea. I got a potted bonsai and a lamp to go with the table, and it has now become a coffee table, dining table, book-reading spot, talking on the phone spot, all in one.

The third and the final thing is this book.


There are different kinds of funny. There is your Diary of a Wimpy Kid funny that’s ridiculous beyond belief, your P.G. Wodehouse kind of funny that keeps bubbling simmering on your inside and finally bursts out as peals of laughter, your Sophie Kinsella funny that is well, superficial funny. And then there’s Ellen funny. Ellen funny is what makes you laugh out loud regardless of the fact that you are in public. It is what makes you want to read it out to others but renders you incapable of doing so because you are laughing so hard reading is impossible. I turn to the book when I am too bummed with corrections and deciphering bad handwriting. I turn to it when I am so sleepy I can barely keep my eyes open. I turn to it when I am walking past it and it is lying on the dining table. Best airport bookstore buy, ever.

If this post doesn’t define random, I don’t know what random is. I know being “busy” is never an excuse to not write, or to call your mother for that matter (Mamma, I am so so sorry I haven’t been calling you as often as I should) but I realise now that sleeping at 9 and waking at 5 does have its advantages. Here’s hoping for more early morning writing then. And hoping my creativity gets the memo and adjusts itself to flow during mornings instead of late nights like it is used to.

Note to self: Staying up till two in the morning reading a book *also* has its advantages but doesn’t really lead to much productivity.


4 thoughts on “All rolled into one

  1. Dagny says:

    First of all, hugs!! Bug ones… huge ones. I’m so excited to know that your book is almost about to be launched! The launch dreams you wrote about so lovingly? I want them all coming true and more, lots more. More than you can dream… more than you can imagine.

    The table and chairs look very cute. Suits you both well.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jahnabi Hazarika says:

    This is my first post to you…. I am jahnabi from Guwahati. … I like reading your blogs a lot though I am not a blogger nor a writer myself…… I am a good reader though. .. well good to learn that your book is on the way to be launched…. my best wishes are with you…. good luck!


    • ssamhita says:

      Hi Jahnabi from Guwahati! Thank you so much for reading my blog, and for leaving a comment and letting me know. It is readers like you who give me hope!


  3. theinquizzitivemind says:

    Hi babes… I simply adore the way you write. I can relate so well to everything you write except the ‘mommy-like’ feeling that doesn’t come to me since I am not a mommy yet. My FB account was temporarily deactivated, so I didn’t know about your book. But congrats once again…I am so proud of you…lots of love and hoping that your book turns into a best seller…soon


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