Mom On Tenterhooks

Alright, the cat’s out of the bag. It’s not that big deal of a cat either… I mean, in the grand scheme of cats, this might be the stray that you find mildly cute but mostly annoying… Anyway, when still pregnant, I had written a few letters to my darling baby and had published them in Fried Eye , and because of the whole “don’t tell anyone until the fourth month” superstition associated with pregnancy, I kept my name hidden. To be honest, I am not a superstitious person at all, but something about having a human being growing inside you does amazing things to you.

So, there you go. I am Mom on Tenterhooks. Or rather, was. I have since stopped writing as Mama Tenterhooks, but I want to continue writing letters to my baby until she is old enough to actually read them. And what better place than my born again blog? For now, adding all the letters already published in Fried Eye, but I shall be adding more letters for sure!

Here’s hoping when the dreaded teens hit and she starts yelling “Urgh, Mamma, why do you hate me so much?!” (don’t ask me how I know; let’s just say I am confident some of her Mom’s traits will have passed on to her as well) she reads these letters and realizes just how loved she has always been and will be.

The Snow Globe



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